Why Online Income is Recurring Income

You go to work on a regular basis because you understand that if you stopped working, your income or your salary also stops. Your paycheck is linked to the number of hours you put in. That’s a method which I called Time for Money and 80% of all the people out there follow this method and that’s one of the reason why they are not wealthy.

You need to make a decision to get out of this method. What you need to do is set up an online income and automate the process that enables you to make money while you sleep. It’s not a pipe dream and it does not take a rocket scientist to fix.

When you set up an online income and automate it so that it becomes a recurring income, you then have the privilege of quitting your full time job and working from home.

A recurring income is something that keeps happening over and over again.  A good example would be a gym membership. Once everything is put in place, you go back month after month and pay the membership fees because you want to work out and stay fit.

That’s the same principle you to follow on the internet. I lay out a simple procedure on my website www.jailedatwork.com which shows you how to set up an online income and automate the process. I hope you learn and profit from my sharing.

All you need to do to make money on the internet is make a decision and follow through on your commitment. You can be young or old, in the USA or Asia  it really does not matter. With a PayPal account you will be able to send and receive money from just about anywhere in the world.  The important thing is to take action and not quit during the first few weeks of trying.

Calvin is a prolific writer who writes on behalf of numerous clients in different fields. He spends most of his time researching his passion of how to make money on the internet. He shares his passion for free at Jailed At Work and helps people make money on the internet while working at their full time job.

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