The magnitude of Subscriptions: Recurring Income vs. One Off Buyer

It’s a sad fact of doing business online that often, once you’ve sold to someone, they may never come back. It’s not as much a result of your business or your product as much as it is a strange aspect of consumer psychology — unless we’re absolutely stunned with a product, we’re highly unlikely to buy more than one copy of it. This holds especially true for online marketers, where the objective is almost always to sell just one product to as many people as possible. The thing is, people don’t always shop this way.

While it’s often lucrative to target the masses with just one product, there are other massively successful methods through which to approach online business. The ultimate form of these is through a subscription based website or service. This has several major advantages over the one-off sales method: Firstly, it offers you access to a recurring group of customers. Instead of investing time every month into chasing down a massive crowd of new customers, the subscription system makes it much more lucrative to amass a sizable group of repeat customers, and then continue to offer them more and more information through a recurring service.

This way, you end up with a sizable income every month from subscription fees. The best bit? — these payments don’t stop. Once you’ve built a membership based, provided you keep them satisfied and impressed with your product, you’ve got them buying from you for as long as you want. Recurring income beats one-off income every time. Secondly, by building a large group of customers, you open yourself up to a wide range of cross-marketing opportunities. Seth Godin, one of the world’s most renowned and celebrated marketing experts, calls these types of groups a ‘Permission Asset.’ What is a permission asset? It’s simply a group that gives you their permission to market to them.

This form of marketing is more powerful than any advertisement, SEO, or aimless email list. When your customers have already bought from you, you’ve won half the battle. The other half lies in keeping that audience happy — through extra content, exclusive offers, and a never-ending stream of value and information. Treat your customers well and you’ll amass a massive marketing asset for any of your future, related projects. There’s a flip side to this. When you disappoint these customers, you’re unlikely to retain them.

The good thing is that this isn’t likely to happen. With the cost of custom content being within the reaches of even the bootstrap marketer, it’s easily possible to run an interesting, remarkable subscription based forum or website through outsourced content. If this is a passion project for you, you might not even need to outsource. The real beauty of creating subscription websites is that there’s literally an unlimited selection of audiences out there, many of which will undoubtedly involve some of your passions and interests. So — why outsource when you love what you do? To learn more membership marketing go to,

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