Supercharge Your Affiliate Commissions With A Recurring Income Website

If you have discovered affiliate marketing and the great opportunity to make money, you might want to re-think which programs you decide to promote. As long as you are going to build a site, why not build a recurring income website?

There is no more work, and the benefits are enormous.

Some of the products and affiliate programs that offer recurring income would probably surprise you. They cover many different products.

One of the more notable type programs that offer ongoing income, once you make the first sale, are those selling various supplements. People find a product that they like, and from there on, they tend to stick with it. You get paid every month.

Skin care products also commonly offer recurring commissions if you send them a customer that signs up for a continuity program. Even if they only remain a customer for a few months, you still have made more than you would have with a one time sale.

A really good example of a product where people usually stay in the program a long time is web hosting. It is not much fun to change your hosting account once you get set up on a particular one. So, the odds are you will have commissions coming in for quite a while.

Many information products also are good sources of ongoing commission structures. Any sort of membership program can offer you a chance to earn each month as long as the person stays subscribed.

Of course, not all membership sites and continuity programs offer these generous affiliate programs. But a lot of the better companies see the benefit of a win-win situation if they make their program really attractive to affiliate marketers.

So, if you are in an expansion mode or your building an affiliate empire, think about working on programs that offer an attractive recurring income opportunity.

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