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For the newcomer to Internet Marketing there are a number of high points (and low points). There is the pride in getting your website up and running, the satisfaction of seeing your list building but ultimately the reason we are in Internet Marketing is to generate income. The next trick is to make customers buy from you not once but multiple times. In this article I will give you some tips as to how you keep your customers buying from you time and time again.

The Storefront.

Your website is your storefront so you need to make it an enjoyable experience for your customers. Think about walking into a store in your local shopping centre, which are the stores that you always gravitate to, whose window do you look in and which store do you frequently buy from. Why do you buy from them?

Well there are probably a number of reasons. From my point of view I go to stores that sell and promote what I am interested in. They keep me curious by changing products, offering me incentives and making it easy to buy. They also market the store either on-line or via off-line advertising to make sure that their store is always in my mind when I go shopping.

Your website is no different.

You are always looking to make your website appealing to your prospective clients and to encourage them to buy from you time and time again. How do you do this? Well there are a number of important actions you need to take to maintain customer loyalty and interest.


If a customer has bought a product from you it is unlikely they will buy the same product from you again. You need to have multiple products in your store and you need to change what you are promoting to generate continued interest.


How many times are you drawn into buying a product only because it was on special offer that day! Your visitors are no different, encourage them with time constrained special offers, you will be surprised by the results. You can also include links to other websites to offer them greater variety of products to buy. The other websites may also belong to you but offer a different product range.


Use your website to get customers to opt in to receiving newsletters and special offers. Once they have opted in make sure you send them newsletters and special offers. Keep them informed and in touch with your business. This is keeping your customers warm.

Site Navigation

Make sure your site is easy to navigate around. Ensure it is set out logically and make it easy for the customer to move from any page they are on to any other page. Do not make them go back to the home page every time they want to view a different page.


By this I mean how do you make it easy for customers to return to your site and make it easy for them to refer your site to friends – a good way of building your list and bringing on board new customers. Ensure the site is easily bookmarked and definitely have a refer a friend link to make it easy for them to send your website details onto their friends and families. There is no better marketing tool than having someone recommend your site to family or friends.


You are building a business so you need to brand your materials and your website with your standard company branding. Be consistent, do not use different logos or colour schemes, make it easy for your customers to recognise your brand.


Give visiting customers the opportunity to leave comments on your website. Ensure you follow up on all comments and if there are a number of comments related to one area then add that to your frequently asked questions section.

Static versus Dynamic Website

No nothing technical here. Just think about a website you have visited and where they have a latest news page. How many times have you visited such a page to find the information months, if not years out of date? Keep your website information current.


The important piece of the puzzle. Customers want to buy from you so make it easy for them to buy. Offer them shopping carts, easy and quick checkout, offer them bundled offers as they are checking out. Make the process simple, you do not want to lose a sale at this point.

Another thing to remember here is that by constantly changing your website content and by driving increasing visitor numbers your site will become more appealing to the search engines.

Hopefully the information above will be of use to you as you grow and develop your Internet Marketing business. Your website is an important tool for you so use it wisely. Remember you do not move forward without taking action.

Brian E McClelland

The author has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. He now works from home running a number of Internet businesses and coaching and mentoring people who are interested in setting up a business in Internet Marketing.

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