Step by Step Success

Imagine your business as an obstacle course that you must walk through, wearing a blindfold – in your bare feet.

The course is made of soft, fine, cool white sand – littered with rocks of all shapes and sizes.

If you make it through the course you will get ten million dollars, eternal joy, and a foot massage.

As you start the course you stub your toe on a big boulder. It hurts.

Do you quit or keep going?

If you keep going you learn to walk a little slower.  But then you stub the same toe! It really hurts.  You are disappointed that you hit the same toe, frustrated that you must continue in pain, and fearful of the next rock.

Do you quit or keep going?

If you keep going you learn to walk a little slower, and maybe to walk sideways to protect your throbbing toe.

You still encounter obstacles – but you get better at navigating the course. The pain in your toe starts to go away.

And the stretches of soft, cool, fine sand feel better with every step as you get closer to the end.  … well you get the picture.

Some people let life’s daily obstacles keep them from focusing on the final prize.  They stub their toe once and quit.

Instead of using that as a painful learning experience, which brings them one step closer to their goal, they let their emotions get the better of them.

And they quit.

Keep going. Stay in the game. Learn what is needed. Do what is needed.

And you could be financially set for the rest of your life.

I have counseled hundreds of people in my professional career and I know how difficult it can be to manage your emotions and move forward.

But it must be done!

Treat everything in business and life as a learning process and you will always learn more.

Once things start clicking for you it gets much easier and more enjoyable.  Success is often times just one step away!

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