Recurring Income Affiliate

You may never have given thought to the possibility of creating a recurring income stream online. But if you want to make real money on the Internet then earning recurring income is the way to go.

Recurring income refers to earnings that are passive in nature. Do the work one time and continue getting paid. What better type of income is there?

There is a proven method available, right now, that millions of individuals from around the world are using to do just that: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves partnering with companies to generate customer leads for the company’s products and services. There are thousands of companies offering affiliate programs online – including many Fortune 500 companies.

Why do so many companies offer affiliate marketing programs? That answer is simple – the company can leverage affiliate marketers, such as yourself, to market their products and services at little to no direct cost to their organization. In fact, the company offering the affiliate marketing program does not have to pay you until your marketing efforts generate an actual sale, or referral, depending upon the type of a program they employ.

You can search for affiliate marketing opportunities by contacting individual organizations directly or by joining affiliate marketing networks on the web. One of the reasons why many experienced affiliate marketers use affiliate networks is that they offer a variety of merchants, products, and services to promote. Rather than search and sign up for affiliate marketing opportunities one at a time you can go to an affiliate network and search many offerings.

Just GOOGLE: “affiliate networks” to find more information about these networks.

Either method will allow you to find companies, products and services to promote. The key is to focus on companies, products or services that pay on a recurring basis. As an example many web hosting, email solution, dating, membership, and vitamin sites will continue to pay you a monthly commission based on the monthly revenue they receive from a customer that you get credit for referring to them.

Not bad. Get 100 customers that earn you a $20 monthly commission, per customer, and you could collect $2,000 per month in recurring income as an affiliate. There is usually no limit to the amount of recurring commissions that you can earn. In fact most merchants reward their best performing affiliates with bonuses.

Now that you understand what affiliate marketing is, where to find programs, and what type of program to look for, it is important for you to learn how to market these programs.

Most affiliate marketers establish targeted online marketing programs using blogs, websites, sales letters, opt-in pages and email marketing strategies to generate sales for the merchants. Most of these marketing techniques can be used at little to no cost. Some affiliate marketers will also use “offline” techniques, like direct mail, to drive traffic to their websites and blog. It is up to you to find what works best for you.

As you continue to learn more online and offline marketing techniques make sure that your primary focus is on how to promote recurring income products and services. That is the key to growing your income.

Earning recurring income is one of the most sought after business models available online. Where else can you do the same amount of work every day and watch your income grow to Executive Type Levels and beyond?

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  1. Wayne Rosen says:

    Monthly Recurring Bills — like a phone bill — is a natural for subscription
    billing. We have a discounted phone service program that would fit right in.

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