“Need A Supplemental Income?” Here’s A Few Passive Income Ideas

“Need A Supplemental Income?” Here’s A Few Passive Income Ideas

Today’s economy sucks. Near 10% unemployment, and no end in sight. Bailouts for votes and more corruption, give the average guy less and less hope. But alas, the internet! If you need a supplemental income, I’ve got a few passive income ideas for you.

If we were to go back in time, we would see the money was in agriculture, then manufacturing, and now it’s in distribution. I don’t just mean physical materials either. The distribution of information is where average people are making a ton of passive income!

People looking for, or who need a supplemental income, can achieve that online, distributing information. What exactly do I mean when I say distributing information?

Let me ask you this. Where do you go for any question you have? Where do we go to find out how far the sun is from the earth? When we realize we need a supplemental income, where do we go? When we need a telephone number, where do we go? The answer to all these question of course is the internet.

What if I told you that for most information they are searching for, they will pay to get it? Sounds basic right? Well for those new to the internet, it isn’t, but the rest of you, I’m going to share with you my personal favorite way to get paid for the distribution of information.

If you are one of the millions who have recently realized you need a supplemental income, pay attention. If you have some expertise or extra knowledge on any subject, chances are there is someone else out there looking for that information you have.

So how do you get that information in front of that potential customer? Passive income stream number 1: article marketing.

If you need a supplemental income quick, article marketing is the best way I know to get your knowledge in front of potential customers. But wait. That is a bit oversimplified. Simply writing an article and putting it out there isn’t going to make you passive income necessarily.

You need to know the basics of how to find the keywords your customers are searching for. You also need to know how to research, compile information, write and proofread your article in a short amount of time. If you need a supplemental income, knowing these skills will get you going in the right direction fast.

Some may say that for those who need a supplemental income, pay per click is the best way to go. Basically this is putting an advertisement in Google or Facebook for keywords you believe your customers are searching for. The problem with this is, for the average guy trying to make a passive income, it costs too much up front. It can be an expensive learning curve.

Article marketing is free. It is hard to make a passive income when you are spending more than you make. Don’t get me wrong, when done correctly, PPC can be extremely lucrative for those who need a supplemental income. Starting out of the box, I don’t recommend it.

So hopefully you agree with me that article marketing is the best way to go if you need a supplemental income. Even if you don’t have a particular bit of knowledge to sell, it is easy to find affiliate products to promote with your articles which can make you a nice passive income.

The first thing you need is the basics of how to write an article from research to proofreading. I learned how to do this, and quickly I was actually ‘thinking’ in articles. Just about anything I saw or experienced during the day was fodder for my article writing.

In closing, do yourself a favor, take some time to learn the basics. Then learn how to get your article in front of the most potential customers as possible. It really is easy if you need a supplemental income.

When that first commission check hits the mailbox or Paypal account, the momentum really gets going. My first month I made over 0 with the articles I wrote. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you need a supplemental income, 0 is a good start. It paid both car payments. That was a big deal for me, and got my momentum rolling. Would you take 0 month? Once you hit that mark, keep shooting higher! Good luck!

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