Make Money Online and Free Up Your Time

If you are looking for ways to make money online then you are doing exactly what thousands, if not millions, of other people around the world are doing.  The time is right for Online Entrepreneurs!

The Internet has made it possible for anybody with a laptop and an Internet connection to be in business for themselves on a global scale.

Opportunity, though, does not always translate into success. Many people rush online with no plan or idea as to how to make money. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile but trying to make money online with your eyes closed is no way to run a business.

The people who do their research and know what income opportunities to look for will have a much better chance to achieve great success.

The best online income opportunities allow you to leverage the Internet to extend your reach, and maximize the use of your time, while you quickly scale your income to Executive Type levels. Look for those opportunities.

Most wage and salary earners make “linear income”. This type of income is money earned in direct relation to the amount of time spent and work done. There is no leverage with linear income. If you don’t work – you don’t get paid. It is unlikely that you will be able to quickly scale your income to Executive Levels as a wage earner.

Opportunities that earn passive, residual, or recurring income are the way to go, and are quite common on the Internet. This type of income is money received on an ongoing basis for work performed one time. Imagine doing work one time and then getting paid continually for months or years to come!

The future earnings of book authors, song writers, actors, and product licensing holders are examples of passive, residual, and recurring income.

This type of income not only gives you financial freedom but more freedom with your time. Of course you have to work but the right income opportunity is one that leverages the “always on” automation of the Internet to free up your time. Let the Internet work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and you can make money while you do other things.

The real beauty of the Internet is that you can earn significant recurring income without ever having written a song or a book! You don’t even need your own product to earn recurring income online.

The quickest way to get started, without your own product, is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is very popular on the Internet. And it is easy to see why.

Affiliates are individuals, or businesses, who promote a product or service for another individual or business. Affiliates do not own the product but get a pre-determined commission based on the sales price of the product or service they promote.

It is important to note that the merchant makes the sale, provides the product, and handles all the customer service issues. The affiliate simply promotes, or tries to “pre-sell”, the product to a potential customer.

The merchant could have thousands of affiliates promoting their offerings and incur the sales expense only when the product is sold. Using affiliates is a great way for merchants to extend their reach while controlling their selling expenses.

If you are looking to get started making money online then Affiliate Marketing may be the choice for you.

Please consider the following points as you pursue your online venture:

  • Affiliate programs that offer recurring, passive, or residual income are great opportunities. You can make significant  monthly income by marketing someone else’s product or service. Market just one product or service that pays a $40.00 commission and you could make $4,000 per month, for getting just 100 customers. Best part is it is recurring income.

  • Many affiliate marketers promote multiple recurring income products and generate significant monthly commissions.

  • Be careful of the “program reviews” you read online. The vast majority of those reviews are written by marketers who may disparage a viable program in order to sell the program they are marketing.

  • Make sure you thoroughly research the program you wish to promote: use your best judgment; ensure that the program offers value; a great guarantee; good support; good marketing materials; good commissions; has a good history; and the potential for longevity.

  • Another option is to create your own product or service that earns recurring income. This is a bit more involved as it will take more time to create a product and/or deliver a service. And you will be required to provide customer service and ensure that the product gets delivered as promised. But if you get affiliates to sell your product or service you could make a significant amount of money fast.
  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money whether you act as the affiliate or as the merchant.

  • Do a Google search for “earn recurring income” to research recurring income opportunities and then get started making money online!

    Remember to start out right. Focus on researching recurring income opportunities. Set your sights on earning Executive Level income, and then follow through with your eyes wide open and you will be on the right path for success.

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