How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Create Recurring Income

Getting paid to sell other people’s products is known as affiliate marketing. Getting paid over and over for doing your work one time is known as residual income. This is also known as recurring income.

The best way to do this with affiliate marketing is to join two-tier affiliate programs. Here are five tips on how you can use two-tier affiliate programs to create a residual income of your own.

1. If you are not a successful affiliate marketer it is difficult to recruit affiliates in the two-tier programs. Therefore, it is important that you spend time becoming an expert at affiliate marketing including how to make money online doing it.

2. It is easy to join two-tier affiliate programs, but you must focus your attention on learning everything you can about the products and making personal sales. You can pass on your expertise to the affiliates you recruit once you have become an expert on a specific product.

3. When you choose an affiliate program to join the offers a second-tier program, pay attention to both levels of commission. Obviously the higher the commissions on the first level the more money you make on your personal sales.

Equally as important is the percentage of commission paid on the second level. The higher this is the more money you will make whenever someone you personally recruit makes a sale.

4. If you expect them to be successful we prepared to spend some time training your recruits. Many people do not know how to properly do marketing as an affiliate and this gives you an opportunity to train them on the things you are doing to be successful.

5. Offer extra things your competition is not doing. For example, you could set up a personal blog for your affiliates and show them how to drive traffic blogging and social bookmarking.

Many affiliates will not do this in 2 tier programs and the fact that you’re willing to offer this type of additional service will help you recruit more affiliates.

6. Be prepared to recruit a high number of affiliates before you find a handful that will be successful. Two-tier affiliate marketing is no different than network marketing in this regard.

It is somewhat a numbers game because you cannot do the work for a person, nor can you control their work ethic or motivation. If you spend the majority of your time selling, and some of it on recruiting, eventually you will develop an online business that has residual income coming in.

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