How to Earn Fast Free Residual Income

Earning a reliable residual income stream is highly sought after amongst Affiliate Marketers. Some residual income affiliate programs and business opportunities can unfortunately take a long time before seeing any results and some residual income formulas require set-up and monthly fees too. Earning residual income though can actually be fast, easy, and completely100% free.

Signing up for an affiliate program usually only takes a few minutes and once you have an affiliate link you can start earning commissions immediately. Many people think that residual income takes a long time for results but in fact can be very fast because you earn commissions on the first sale as well and not just the re-orders and re-bills.

Earning residual income is as easy as getting people to click your link and place an order or start a subscription with the merchant. You can include affiliate links and product recommendations in newsletters, forum posts, directories, articles, and email marketing.

You’ve probably seen the pyramid schemes and MLM programs advertising fast residual income but that also requires you to pay each month to stay in the program as well as actively recruit new members. Each time a new member joins, you earn residual income from the fees they pay. The idea is that people under you earn you money which is great if you are at the top of the pyramid but terrible if you are lower down where there’s nobody else to recruit. Not only are these programs usually illegal because no product is being interchanged, they can be a losing venture if you don’t recruit enough people to the program. True residual income earns you future money for your past effort. Instead, all money stops as soon as you stop paying your monthly fee.

Earning reliable and free residual income stream from home is totally possible. Lots of businesses offer residual income affiliate programs that anyone can join. Products with monthly subscriptions and re-billing are good examples where businesses are willing to compensate affiliates with residual income commissions for as long as a customer you sent to them continues to subscribe. For example, gambling, web hosting, adult website, and Internet dating merchants are good candidates for offering monthly residual income. But this is just the start. Lots of merchants that don’t have monthly re-billing still offer residual income for returning customers who place re-orders. So a customer who purchases a product today and then returns three months down the road to order again will earn you commissions on both orders. Examples of this type of residual income are jewelers, herbal supplement companies, and clothing storesbut the list of merchants is extensive. I recommend you search Google or visit a free residual income directory dedicated to residual income opportunities.

Earning fast free residual income is as easy as finding a business that offers residual income and having receptive people click your affiliate link. The link works immediately and costs you nothing to use. There are thousands of companies that offer free residual income affiliate programs for a multitude of different products. Once you find one that you’re comfortable with and that’s relevant, all you have to do is get customers from your emails, website, or newsletters to follow your recommendations and purchase from the merchant. Before you know it, you’ll be generating fast free monthly residual income from a home-based business.

Curtis Kopeschny, B.Sc. is a successful Internet Marketer who has been working from home for over 5 years. He is devoted to helping people earn residual income and runs the popular directory Residual Income Finder. The unique site offers detailed information about hundreds of residual income business opportunities and affiliate programs, as well as affiliate articles and tips.
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