Four Steps to Success

True success in any business, or life endeavor, requires commitment, action, and follow through.

Many of the challenges you face in life can be overcome if you remain committed to your vision of success.  If you are able to manage your emotions, stay focused on your dreams, and never give up – you will eventually succeed.

But many people let their emotions get the best of them before they even start and they are doomed to fail.

Every aspiring entrepreneur must manage these three key emotions if they want to succeed in life or business:


Way too many bright and capable people quit on their Internet dreams because they do not know how to manage these emotions.  And it is their fault.

They start out thinking that they are going to take the Internet by storm!

They dive right in believing that they must learn everything that there is to know as soon as possible. They consume as much information as they can find and jump from guru to guru looking for that “magic pill” – without ever applying anything that they have learned.

And then they get overwhelmed from having crammed so much into their brain with no clear idea of what to do next.

They get paralyzed into inaction and cannot move forward.

DISAPPOINTMENT from not reaching their goals, as hoped for, leads to feelings of self-doubt.

Their FRUSTRATION grows as they anguish over why they cannot figure out “what to do next”.

They know the answer is right around the corner – but they just cannot get it.

FEAR sets in as they see their dreams of success slipping away.

They start to panic.

So they reach out to anybody and everybody that they think may help. Which leads to more information.


They are lost. The vicious cycle continues until they are so drained of money, energy, and hope that they quit.

What a shame!

Things could have been so different. Do not fall into that trap. Manage your emotions. Do not let them manage you.

Follow these four steps to manage your emotions and you will be much better prepared to succeed:


Many people do not “like” to deal with their emotions. They don’t know how to properly manage their disappointment, frustration, and fear so they try to suppress or ignore these feelings.

And that makes it worse. Do not be an emotional ostrich.

These feelings do exist and may come to visit you at any time.  They always show up as unwanted guests at the worst possible moment – like when you experience a set back or fail at a task.

And they can be brutal.

But you cannot let them get the best of you. They are YOUR feelings and it is up to you to manage them.

I know – easier said than done. Let’s face it – failing does not feel good.  But failure is a part of life.  And it happens to everybody.

It is how you deal with it that determines if you win or lose.


Running your own online business can be exciting, rewarding, scary, and challenging all at the same time. There can be quite a bit of emotion tied up in any adventure.

That is why it is so important to be realistic when you set your goals and work on your business.

Set lofty goals. Dream BIG.  But live in the real world and be realistic about how much time and effort it will take to reach your goals.

Take it one step at a time – take small bites. Any disappointment, frustration, or fear will be on a much smaller scale and far more manageable.

You will be better prepared to face the emotional challenges that every business owner must deal with.

And there will be challenges.

But each challenge will be much smaller and easier to deal with if you approach your business with realistic expectations and take small bites.

Your income will grow as your ability to manage your emotion and your business grows. You need to build your emotional muscles if you want to build your business.


Always remember why you are  doing this. Focus on the daily tasks needed to execute your plan – but never lose sight of the ultimate goal.

Imagine how much better your life will be when you reach your goal and are making the money you know that your deserve.

Keeping that picture of success in your mind will help you deal with the day to day obstacles that you encounter.

Any disappointment, frustration or fear that you experience will be taken in context as just part of what it takes to “get there”.

If you keep learning and moving forward and never give up – then how can you fail?

Keep your eye on the prize. All it takes is one win to be on top of the world! Just one success after 100 failures is a moment in time that can make all the difference. That one win could be the turning point that leads to more success.

Stay the course. Persevere.  Succeed.


Stay engaged.  By actually doing the tasks,  instead of just reading about it, you are operating in the real world. DOING the tasks will help you manage your emotions as you  move one step closer to your goal.

You will not be standing still – you will be moving forward and gaining valuable skills.

You cannot experience REAL success  if you just read about it. You must take action and actually DO what you read about. You will learn more by actually DOING what you are learning to do and you could be making money as you do it.

Each task that you execute will be one mini success. The little victories will start to add up and you will be on  your way!

Remember to Follow These Four Steps and You will be well on your way to success:

  1. Acknowledge Your Emotions
  2. Be Realistic
  3. Keep Your Eye on the the Prize
  4. Do the Tasks
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