Focus Focus Focus

When you work for yourself  YOU MUST BE disciplined in how you manage your time and yourself.

If you don’t DO it – nobody else will!

Now, you could fire yourself and outsource many of the tasks that you have a problem doing – but you still need to be sure you manage your time and your staff effectively or you will end up wasting way too much time and money.

It can get pretty boring when you are home alone all day with nobody keeping you on task.  The isolation can cause you to look for stimulation by any means that presents itself.

And you can always find a distraction if you are not FOCUSED on what you have to do.

That is why it is so important to set up your own system to follow.  Systems work.  I have trained and managed hundreds of people in my professional career and when people follow the processes of an established system – everything works much better.

You must FOCUS on completing your daily tasks so that you can reach your goal of making money on the Internet.

Once you get set up and start making money online it gets much easier to follow a routine. Money and success can be very strong motivators.

But first you must commit to getting started and then follow a system. You cannot cross the finish line if you don’t take the steps needed to get there.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are drawn to the Internet with hopes of making “Big Money on Autopilot”.

They buy all kinds of programs and opportunities, subscribe to numerous newsletters, and join many groups, forums, and clubs.

And then they do nothing.

Totally overwhelmed by all the information that they have absorbed they get paralyzed into inaction.  And they do not move forward.

That is no way to run a business!

Do not let this happen to you.  And if it has – then follow my instruction to get back on track.

You will be glad you did!  I guarantee it.

The Internet puts a ton of information right at your fingertips that could help you make a lot of money online.

But you need to know where to look, what to look for, who to trust, and who to avoid. Your time is incredibly valuable and you must use it wisely. You need to control the flow of information that you receive to ensure that you do not waste time.

Do what is listed in the three steps below – and I am certain that you will make immediate progress.

You MUST take action.

Just do it. Get unstuck. Don’t quit. Move forward.

1. Unsubscribe from all the E-Mail distractions that offer no immediate  value to your focused goal. E-Mail can waste a lot of your time and lead to more distractions.  Most of them are just bogus sales pitches.

Make sure you get real value from  every E-Mail – or you will be just wasting time.

Focus on the programs on this site and you will be well on your way to success.
2. Don’t fall into the trap of following a bunch of mentors and gurus.

Focus on one or two mentors and stick with him/her for as long as you get value. Everybody has a different learning style and what appeals to you may not appeal to your neighbor.  That is why they make vanilla and chocolate!

Master just one marketing technique at first, make some money, and then learn more techniques – one at a time.

You will be absolutely thrilled when you start making money and motivated to learn and earn even more.

3. Make sure that you do stay focused.

You need to focus on one project that offers the best probability for REAL income.  If your focused project is to learn
enough about Internet Marketing to actually find a project – then it is all the more important to cut out the distractions.

Learning is a cumulative process.  You must build on what you know – and you do that by focusing on what you need to know.

That is why it is so important to limit the mentors, gurus, and training sites. Stay FOCUSED!

FOCUS on Success!

1. Cut out the E-Mail distractions
2. Focus on one mentor at a time
3. Focus on one project at a time

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