Finding a Passive Income Opportunity

Finding a passive income opportunity is really much easier than it seems. They are all around us and there are thousands of them everywhere you look on the Internet. You just have to know the factors that make something a good opportunity versus something you should steer clear of.

Here are some points you should look for when finding passive income opportunities:

* Valuable Product. The product you are offering must hold value for the general population in order to bring in steady revenue.

* Ready-Made Marketability. The product or service being offered must be easily marketable and show immediate value for the buyer.

* High Conversion Rate. The product or service must have the ability to be quickly converted from sales to revenue. In other words, if you are getting the traffic, but making nothing from it, it isn’t helping you much.

* High Pay-out. It honestly takes the same amount of time and energy to sell a product worth that it does to sell a product that is worth . Therefore, why spend money, energy and time trying to drive traffic to your site when the payoff isn’t worth the effort?

The bottom line is this: A worthwhile venture must possess all of these qualities, and it also must have good growth potential. So, for a passive income opportunity to be worth your time and energy, it must possess all of the above qualities at least to some extent.

Existing Passive Income Opportunities

Now you know what to look for when researching a potential passive income opportunity out there. Here are some tried and true techniques for you to test your abilities in.


Information products such as how-to e-books are a great way to start a passive income stream. Many copies of each individual title can be sold, offering an unending stream of income from sales. E-books are also easy to create with the right software and take a short amount of time. Creating e-books is also a low cost venture, and you can get other companies to sell them for a commission.

Software Creation

Software product creation is another passive income opportunity. If you are able to design a step-by-step method for doing something, creating a saleable software program detailing the instructions will generate passive income over and over.


Advertising commissions are another way to generate a monthly passive income stream. If you have a website that attracts a high number of visitors each day, you can offer to place a link or banner to advertise for certain companies. In return, you collect a monthly fee from the company.

Pay-per-click ads can generate instant money for you. You agree to let other companies advertise on your site. In return for each visitor that clicks on their ad, you receive a pre-arranged amount.

Referrals can generate continued business for you. By developing a network of other people and companies that offer similar products and services to your own, you can arrange an agreement where you receive a commission for each sale you generate for them. In return, they receive commissions for helping to increase your sales.

As you can certainly see, there are many avenues for you to find a passive income opportunity. They are everywhere. The important thing is to give any idea its due time in researching and learning about it before deciding to move forward with it. Often, the best way to weed out bad ideas is by doing your homework first. Focus on learning to separate the good opportunities from the bad ones. Once you master that, you are well on your way to making a successful living from a passive income opportunity.

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