Earn Recurring Income During the Recession

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Now is the perfect time to work hard, capitalize on the greatest technology trend in history, and come out of this recession knowing how to make money for the rest of your life

While everybody else is running around yelling “the sky is falling” you should be focused on what you can do today, right now, to make a better life for yourself tomorrow. And learning how to make money is a big part it.

Hiding under the covers in bed, paralyzed by fear, is not going to help you make money or make the recession go away. You need to look past the current economic upheaval and make sure this never happens to you again.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how bad the economy is right now.

The general consensus is that this is the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Operative word being “since”. Because this recession is no where close to being as bad as the 1930’s.

…and this too shall pass! A fundamental reality of economies is that they expand and contract. It has been that way since the first business transaction and will continue that way for as long as people try to make money. Business cycles will never go away. Recessions go away. But they always return.

The National Bureau of Economic Research reports that we are currently experiencing the 13th recession in the United States since the end of the Great Depression in 1933. The length of these recessions ranged from 6 months to 16 months. June of 2009 marks the 19th month of this recession.

Is it almost over? Are you prepared to make money?

There is far more cooperation today, amongst the major world economic powers, than there was at the start of the Depression 80 years ago. Leaders are working together to ensure that the world economy continues to grow.

There is too much at stake for everybody. Just look at the coordinated efforts of the world banks as they make money available to end this recession. Even the formation of the G-20 in 1999 is evidence of how far the world has come since The Great Depression. We truly are a global economy.

In 1930 there were about 2 billion people in the world. Since then the world’s population has more than tripled to approximately 6.8 billion. And due to the advancements made in information technology, more than 1.5 billion of them are connected to the Internet. Talk about a huge potential market and the opportunity to make money!

Anybody with access to a computer and an Internet connection could be in business right away. All of the information you need to make money online is at your fingertips. Work hard now, while everybody else is panicking, and start a better life for yourself. Learn the skills needed to make money online and you could be set for life.

The Internet is not going away any time soon and it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Put it to work for you. Make money from home or from anywhere in the world. Start now and live the life you deserve. Never let this happen to you again.

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