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You want to run your own home-based business. You’re not sure if it will become a full-time thing or just be a part-time venture. That’s not your concern right now. You know you are going to do something. The question is what will you do? The answer for you may be to choose a residual income source.

Residual income also goes by the name passive income or recurring income. Residual income is income that you continue to earn after you perform initial activities. Those initial activities spurred that income in the first place. You only performed those activities once but are still earning income from them. Sounds like a good deal, right? It is, if you choose the right residual income source.

Think of all the websites you visit online in a month. There’s a myriad of sites promoting products and services. Many information sites have ads to the right and left of content you read. You may click on them occasionally. What happens when you do? You link to a site where the products advertised in the ad reside. You can then shop for them on that particular site.

Did you ever give thought to how the whole process works? Many of those ads received placing by individuals who joined up with a residual income source. Many are Internet marketers who operate a home-based business. They place ads on their own website or blog. They also place ads at online classified ad portals or pay to have their ads on other enterprises’ websites. They hope you click on their ad and make your way to the residual income source site.

When you do, and make a purchase, they earn a commission. When many people do, they earn much more commission. If they promote a quality product that consumers want continually, they can make a lot of money. They managed to align themselves with a popular residual income source. You can too and earn yourself that part-time or full-time income by working from home.

First, you have to spend time choosing the right products from a residual income source. A residual income source is an affiliate program with affiliate products. There are many on the market today. Your favorite bookseller may have an affiliate program. So may your favorite computer software company or specialty coffee company. The types of affiliate programs are virtually endless. You choose a program that interests you and that you believe has a strong market.

Now how do you make money? You do it by promoting these products. You will place banner and text ads on any of the aforementioned platforms. Wherever you place text or banner ads, or place any type of promotional content, you will have a tracking code embedded. Your identification number or name is in this tracking code. When customers click the banner, ad or link, they arrive at the affiliate site. The site owner registers the code that brought the customer there. They see in that code your special identification number. Therefore, you receive credit for that customer’s purchase. You earn a commission.

You earn residual income on top of this initial purchase if you align yourself with a good residual income source. A good affiliate program will pay you commission on every subsequent purchase by that customer. They link that customer’s I.D. to yours for as long as you stay in their program.

This is where you earn that passive, recurring income. You no longer have to promote to this customer. They know where to get the product. They are on record with the affiliate parent. Whenever they buy again, you get more residual income. It’s your reward for bringing the customer to the affiliate in the first place. The better residual income programs let you earn recurring income from your one-time effort of securing a customer.

On top of that, if you build a downline team of sellers under you, you can earn more. A good residual income source will pay you commission on what your downline team sells. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, your downline and your affiliate parent.

It’s time to go shopping. Choose your residual income source today, or very soon. Why waste time when you can get that home-based business going now?

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