Cash Flow and Government Regulation of the Internet

It won’t be long until the government starts to aggressively regulate the Internet.

With all the privacy issues created by having so much personal information online – something has got to give.

Do we need another TJX online credit card fiasco? Forget censoring Craigslist for their Adult Services section, “friends” trolling Facebook to find out when people will be away from home so that they can rob them or  all the cyber-bullying going on.

Do we have to wait until the “stalk me now” features inherent in every GPS Smartphone inevitably leads to people getting hurt?

The attached article speaks about how marketers believe Government regulations will not affect the cash flow into online marketing.

I agree, and actually believe more government involvement will upgrade the quality of content and services provided.

Check out the article and come back and leave a comment here if you have the time!

Marketers Say Regulations Won’t Stop the Flow of Cash.

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