Affiliate Marketing Income – 2 Ways to Turn Them Into Residual Income

Do you like the idea of residual income? Meaning that you are getting paid even without working? I am sure you love this idea. Although before you earn a residual income, you need to put in some efforts to get your recurring sales in . After then, it will become an automated income.

Ok lets go straight to the two types of residual income you can target.

1. Two-Tier Programs –
This type of residual income is offered by merchants who have affiliate programs. You earn commission by referring affiliates to their program. You are helping the merchants to recruit affiliates who will in turn help the merchants to sell their products. This is why you are getting paid!

Let call these affiliates as your down line. You will be entitled a share on the commission your affiliates earn. It is really a small amount in the beginning. Maybe around 3-10% on their commission. However it can grow real big once you have a big number of down line.

You will need some time to get this residual income growing big. This is because most affiliates will give up selling. You will need to find a few super affiliates who can generate huge sales. They will be the one who bring you big paycheck every month.

The good thing is many affiliate programs will offer 2-Tier programs. So you will be spoilt for choice but do remember to stick to a few merchants. You need to focus your efforts on a few to grow your residual income.

2. Membership Programs – There are some affiliate programs that offer products or services that require a monthly membership fee.  The customer will pay a monthly fee to access certain information such as a newsletter. 

This is actually a common residual income. You can really earn a lot of money from this type of program. I highly suggest you to go into this. They are membership sites that offer monthly services to their members. The members are charged monthly and so you are earning a monthly recurring income from them.

Some will also offer you a option to take a onetime commission. Since we are only interested in a residual income, you should take the recurring income. It will be lesser in the beginning but it can grow very substantial as you bring in more customers.

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