You Can Make Money From Home With Your Own Photography Slideshow Business  

Article by R. Gajsek

Imagine you’re at home just getting up in the morning. You go downstairs, have a coffee and some breakfast, maybe read the paper and then get ready to go to work. Only you’re not getting ready to go outside in the cold to warm up the car before heading out into rush hour traffic. You’re not going to spend the next half hour driving to work.

You’re just heading to the other room in your house. The room where you now make money from home. With just a small investment to get started in your home based business you are now creating an income from home with only your computer and some software. You are helping people with a service that would take days or weeks for your clients. Your clients gladly pay you to do this for them because it’s more convenient and you can do it faster. Can you imagine a business that could pay you hundreds for only a few hours work for each project?

By creating a digital photo slide show for your clients you are saving them time, energy, and money. You are earning an income because you are the expert at it. You are earning an income because you’re more experienced and can do a project in a much shorter time compared to your client. Your client would have to spend a considerable amount of time just learning how to use the software and to gather all the necessary materials to make a slideshow, not to mention the time it would take to create it. Why not give their slide show project to you and have it done in a few hours for the same price but much more conveniently?

So how do you get started in this business? You probably have almost everything you need. If you’re reading this you most likely have a computer and a monitor. All you need now is a software program to import your pictures into. If you search online and look for forums dedicated to photography you’ll find the most recommended software applications for your computer whether it is a Mac or PC. There are many review sites that will show you which would be the best fit for you.

Next, you’ll want to have clients. This isn’t a get-rich-quick type business so your client base will grow as you get more experience with new projects. Clients like to see that you have a track record. One way to show prospective clients your work is to showcase your slide shows online. Create a business web site with a few slideshows that you’ve created while practicing with your new software. Offer to do slideshows for your friends for free if they would write you a glowing testimonial that you can use on your website. If you belong to a church you can offer to do a slideshow of one or more of your church’s functions for free in exchange for showing your web site URL in the closing credits.

Here’s one more tip that you can use to get more clients from your area. When you are choosing a domain name for your web site you should try to use your city’s name in it. For example – You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people search for things on the internet with the name of their city or town in their search query.

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