Why Aren’t You Making Money from Home?  

Article by Stephanie Foster

Lots of people want to make money from home. Lots of people try it. Lots of people fail.

Why is that?

1. Not thinking opportunities through.

Many people fail to make money at home because they don’t think things through when they pick an opportunity. They go with the one that looks like it will make a lot of money for them.

This makes it easy to fall for scams or to end up trying to do something you really don’t enjoy. In either case, you probably won’t earn much of anything.

You’re better off really thinking things through before starting any kind of work at home, be it a job or a business. Do your research on it. Know how you’re going to get started. Understand where the money is coming from.

Never be afraid to ask questions about any opportunity. Anyone pushing you too hard for a sign up is likely to be hiding something. Ask around, don’t just stick with one person’s information.

2. Not giving it enough time.

Once you’ve gotten started with an opportunity, you have to give it some time before you earn money, more likely than not.

Many people don’t recognize this. They don’t earn money immediately, so they go try something else.

You can’t give up so easily. A part of making a living from home is giving it time to work. You wouldn’t expect a brick and mortar business to be profitable right away (or if you did, you’d probably have trouble convincing the bank that you knew enough to get a loan for it). It’s the same with home business except that your costs are far, far lower. Give yourself and your business some time.

3. Claiming to know things you don’t.

There’s a philosophy many people have of “fake it until you make it” that can really slow your efforts at earning money down.

Why fake it in an area you know nothing about when you could more quickly “make it” in an area that you are more knowledgeable?

There’s a time and a place for “fake it until you make it” and starting your first business really isn’t it. While you can get away with a lot online for a time, you can ruin your business if you get caught.

That doesn’t mean you won’t constantly be learning things in any home business. You will be. No matter how much you know about your niche there’s something new to learn, if not about the product then about how you’re marketing it, building your site and so forth.

4. Trying to do too much.

There’s a lot to do to run any successful business from home. You need to know your limits so that you don’t overdo it.

Don’t try to learn a bunch of new marketing techniques all at once, for example. Start with one. Master it. Then add another. You’ll do far better.

Doing too much also means knowing when to hire help. A virtual assistant can be a huge help in doing some of those routine things that you really shouldn’t spend time on yourself but need doing. You should be focusing on the parts that need your personal touch, not the basics.

5. Letting the bad times get you down.

It’s rough when your business isn’t growing the way you want it to. It’s even worse when your income shrinks. That doesn’t mean it’s time to give up.

There are no guarantees when you run your own business. One day your earnings may be great. The next you’re spending more than you’re bringing in. The next a once great income source vanishes. That’s how it goes sometimes.

You can’t let the bad times get you down. Keep working at it. You have options.

Earning money from home isn’t easy. Anyone who says differently is not only selling something, but they’re not telling all the truth. Expect to work. Expect to struggle. Being ready for a challenge will serve you well in the long run.

And there are still no guarantees you’ll earn a single dime!

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