Which Books on Making Money from Home Works Best for Beginners?  

Article by Brenda Ballentine

Making money online is much easier when you have a guide that shows you exactly the steps you need to take, in order to produce consistent profits. Now, having said that, there are literally hundreds of books on making money from home that are filled with lots of fluff and useless information.

Unless a book can really offer you a real blueprint that is easy to follow, you won’t get very far at all in your quest to make money working at home. Unfortunately, you may be drawn in by all the hype about a particular book and purchase it, only to be disappointed when you see that it doesn’t explain very well how you are supposed to set things up.

When you know practically nothing about creating a blog or website, writing articles and website content, promoting affiliate products, making videos, and other such things that are often taught, you need someone who understands that you are starting at square one.

Now, you’d think this would be obvious to the people who create these information products, but often they are more interested in earning money from selling you their book, than taking the time to teach you everything you need to know.

Here is some key information that you should look for in every money making guide:

Easy to Understand

There are all kinds of internet marketing terms that get tossed around in books. If these terms are not explained, in a way that you understand what they mean, and, how you can use them to set up your own business, you’ll be completely lost. So, when you are reading the sales letter for the guide book, look for clues that let you know this person is down-to-earth and is willing to spell things out in plain English.


Many of the top books will feature lots of screen shots, and other helpful illustrations, that show you exactly what is being explained. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and pictures really can make your learning experience a lot easier.

One Step at a Time

The author of the book is willing to teach you everything in well-explained sections. Each chapter should thoroughly show you a specific technique, or strategy, explain how that strategy is used to make money, and then show you how to do it yourself.


Many of the best money making courses include both a book and video lessons. When you find this combination, you are in luck, because the videos will reinforce what you are reading. In addition, you can go back and watch each video as many times as you like. This is how many people are learning how to set up successful income earning systems online.

Once you have found a great book to use as your money making guide, your next step is to follow it, do the work involved, then reap the benefits of your new found knowledge.

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