Ways on How to Make Money Online Blogging  

Article by Janmck Hilado

There are absolutely unlimited ways on how to make money online by blogging. But because of the numerous, unlimited ways, the tendency is you get overloaded with the information around you and you lose your focus, and get no results that’s why, 90% of people who start an internet marketing business through making money online by blogging quit after 3 months.

So to help you start making money online by blogging without having to worry about getting an information overload, I’m going to give you my list of ways on how you can make money online through blogging. And the lists are as follows:

1. Blogging For PPC (Pay per click Ads) Programs

This is the first make money online strategy I’ve learned and this is where I got my first 0 online. One example of a Pay per click program I use and is earning a passive income monthly is Google AdSense. If set up your AdSense site properly, it can provide you with a steady, monthly passive income without working! The only downside to AdSense is that it’s very hard to get approved.

2. Blogging For Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs is where vendors and affiliates meet. Vendors who have products who are looking for affiliates to sell their products with commission, and affiliates who have no products who are looking for products they can market to get commissions and make money online. The most popular affiliate program for digital products there is, is ClickBank. If you have a blog with a specific niche but have no own products to sell, then you can look for products in ClickBank related to your niche.

3. Blogging for Business (Offline Businesses)

Simply, Marketing offline physical products and services online or through the internet. Some examples of Blogging for Business are Real Estate Blogs, Car Dealership Blogs and Business Franchising Blogs. So if you’re a seasoned offline entrepreneur but is yet starting an online business, then it really is possible to market your existing business online.

4. Selling Online Ad Spaces

If you have a strong, high traffic blog but don’t like to rely on PPC Programs, selling products or marketing offline services to online, then you can also sell ad spaces on your blogs for a monthly, more secure, passive income for your blog. That way, you can charge your advertisers on a monthly basis, regardless whether someone clicks their ads or not.

5. Other Programs Like Paid Posting, PPV (Pay Per View), PPC (Pay Per Click).

Though I’ve mentioned 3, the most common of them all is the Paid Posting. This is the most common, not passive way a blogger earns through blogging. An advertiser, looks for bloggers to blog about their products and pays them for every posts made. This is a good home based job but for I don’t recommend it for Internet Entrepreneurs who are looking for a “REAL ONLINE BUSINESS” and make a massive, passive income online.

There are more ways to make money online by blogging but these 5 ways are the most common. You can discover more Make money online programs once you progress in your internet marketing business.

About the Author

Jan Mckingley Hilado is a young Internet Entrepreneur who loves helping other people learn how to start and succeed an Online Business Philippines Business Philippines. You may also get his free course on his website.

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