Today Truly Poor People Can Make Money From Home  

Article by Glenn Buckman

Today there are thousands of poor people in this world who can make money from home if they have access to a computer.I really enjoy the stories about people who had no money and became Internet marketing successes.

If you do not have any money to start with here are a few ways you could make money from your own home. 

1. Get paid to take surveys for companies offering their opinions. There are companies who pay you anywhere from a few dollars to more to complete surveys online all over the place. To do this you do not need a product or a website. Programs such as Cash Crate, Inbox Dollars and others are free to join. 

2. You will get paid to sell their products when you join an affiliate program. There are so many affiliate programs available online now that you can find something to sell that would interest you. As an affiliate marketer you will get a website to promote and make money whenever people purchase something from your affiliate site. 

3. Become a blog writer can write short content articles. You can expect to earn around dollars an article for 250 words.   

Many people cam make a full time living by writing from the comfort of their own home. Because there are so many blogs that need content right now getting started with this type of writing is very fast to do. 

4. Sell private label rights products by joining the free websites such as You not only choose to sell them for whatever price you want but you have the right to make changes to these products as well.   

You can leave them exactly as is and sell them as well. There is a skill to this but the products are created which gives you a head start. 

5. Make yourself available to do things that other Internet marketers don’t have time to do. You can get paid to post comments in discussion forums.   

Internet businesses will pay you to post comments on other people’s blogs with the idea of developing backlinks for themselves. There is no real skill to this and you can earn extra money from home using your computer this way. 

With nothing more than their computer and Internet access these are five different ways that poor people can make money from home. To get started your only investment is the time you spend working online. 

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