The Truth About How to Make Money From Home on Your Computer  

Article by Ana Anderson

Will starting your own online business really give you financial freedom, security, and more control of your time? Can you really even make money from home on your computer? Seriously?

Studies have shown that hundreds of new people enter the internet business arena every day. Many fail, many succeed. But, are they really finding a way to provide a stable financial environment for their families and take better control of their personal time and create a secure future for themselves?

Imagine for a moment it is 2 months from today and you have started your own online business or discovered your own way to make money from home on your computer. You are able to think about quitting your job, or maybe you love your job and you just want to keep your online revenue for all the fun things you ever imagined doing or having. This is what having an online business means for most people.

THE MISTAKE: One of the biggest mistakes made by the Baby Boomers (as well as many of our own children) over the past several decades was a belief that was ingrained in us: The belief that working a single job or focusing on a single “career” for ourselves and investing our money would secure our future.

THE CONSEQUENCES: Many have since lost their jobs and their investments or have seen a drastic reduction in one of the two (or both!).

THE TRUTH – The lesson we all learned is that you can’t rely on one way of making an income or, as some financial guru termed the phrase, ” a single stream of income.”

THE TRUTH – A single stream of income could mean disaster for you, your family, and your future these days. It’s just not a smart way of managing your time, money, or resources any more.

THE TRUTH – We have all learned that it is important to have more that one area of our lives that brings in money.

THE TRUTH – We must create “multiple streams of income” for not just ourselves, but our families.

THE TRUTH – The internet has provided a means for ordinary people to create their own home based business – thus creating the possibility of another source of income for themselves!

You can do a simple search on google and find hundreds of online businesses, blogs, advice sites on everything imaginable – specific hobbies, sports, crafts, how to projects, etc., These people wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t seeing some sort of return. There are obviously hundreds of people who have found a way to make money online. So, the question isn’t “are people finding success on the internet?” because we can plainly see that they are. The question is more like “HOW are people finding success on the internet?” Right?

The answer is simple: internet marketing. Whatever you decide to do online, you have to learn how to market it to get people to see what you are offering. You can have the most interesting site in the universe – and you won’t make any money if people don’t know it exists.

If you can’t decide on a specific business, you can still market other people’s products or business online and be successful if you just know the basics of internet marketing.

What to expect: When you first let your friends or family members know you are trying to learn how start up your own internet based business, they will likely discourage you, or tell you that you will spend more time learning how to do it than you will seeing any kind of return from your business.

It is true: Many fail in their home based business and online ventures, because so many are quitters, lazy, or just become disinterested and decide to go back to an easier “single income stream” way of life.

Plus: There are certainly enough predators out there willing to take advantage of gullible people who are looking for a way to get rich quick.

But, for those who are determined, serious, and consider themselves fairly intelligent and teachable – the path is open to becoming a a successful internet marketer. These people do find success, and they are people just like you and me who just decided they were going to make it happen.

The key: Find a person who has already found success (a mentor) who is willing to show you how to do it, or someone who you can copy their steps, or a training program that is reliable and trustworthy. Be sure to do your research and find reviews on whatever method or person you decide to use to help you get started.

Look for a good step-by-step method. Find someone or something that provides good materials that you can refer back to – videos are always good, and a good ebook or manual. Also, most importantly is to get a contact name and number, or email address – that way you have a way to get answers to any questions you might have along the way.

THE TRUTH: Knowledge isn’t power – the APPLICATION of knowledge is power. You now have more knowledge and by applying this new information, you are on your way to creating an additional stream of income for you and your family. And by adding more income streams, you are on your way to creating financial freedom, security, and more control of your time and energy. All because you decided to learn more about internet marketing and how to make money from home on your computer!

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