Still Unemployed? Learn How To Leverage The Power Of The Internet And Start Making Money From Home  

Article by H. Miller

Right before I wrote this article I went and checked what the current unemployment rate is. And as of today, August 16, 2010, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that the rate still stands at 9.6%. That means millions of Americans are still without work. If you are one of them, my advice to you is take the time to learn how to use the internet to make money from home. No matter what you see on TV or what you might have been told, there is still money being spent all over this world.

Just last week I heard a report that said back to school spending will reach about Billion. So that should be proof enough that people are still willing and able to spend money. Here is another example, just a few months ago the Apple iPad came out. It was reported that over 300,000 peoplepre-ordered one. And those babies were not cheap. What I am trying to say here is people will still spend money on what they want. And learning how to leverage the internet to make money from home can literally change your life.

Now one of the best ways for a complete newbie to start making money online is via affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you will sell someone else’s product for a commission. Working with affiliate marketing is a great way to get your feet wet and really see if making money from home is for you. There are affiliate who literally make millions a year with this business model and there is no reason why you couldn’t do the same. Don’t believe me? Just Google Ewen Chia or Fabian Tan and you will see that they are making major money with affiliate marketing.

Another way you can make money online is by creating your own information products. Outsell Inc predicts that the information industry will reach 8 Billion by the end of this year. That’s a lot of money and you can have a piece of that big delicious pie.

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