Step–Step Process to Make Money From Home Online  

Article by Matt Helphrey

Not everyone is happy working their nine-to-five shift day in and day out. Luckily now, because of the internet, we have the opportunity to earn money working from home without having to deal with a set schedule, boss, or deadlines. Here’s a short step-by-step process to make money from home online.

Finding a profitable niche is the first step in how to make money from home online. The research that goes into this process will be the most important part of getting started. You need to pin point down a niche in which the market is hungry for information and is willing to pay money for it.

This process is surprisingly easy to do because most of the work is already done for us. We just need to leverage the research already paid for and used in sites like Amazon and Clickbank.

We can tell by visiting these sites which products are selling because they rank the products accordingly. Once we see a niche that we may be interested in and we see that there are plenty of products being sold in that niche, then all we have to do is use a keyword tool to check and see how many people are searching for this information online. If there is a high search count for the keyword terms in that niche then we move on to the next step.

Checking on the competition will be our last step in the research process. If there are more than a handful of decent competitors, we really don’t want to get involved. It is definitely possible to make money no matter how competitive a niche is, but it will be a lot easier on yourself finding low competition niches. When you enter a niche that has less than five strong competitors you will have the highest chance to really make money and succeed with your online business.

After we have done all the research and we know that we can make money from home online, then we have to create our own product to sell. Usually with an online business, digital information products or E books are the way to go. If you have enough knowledge about the subject you can try and write it yourself, otherwise I would strongly suggest hiring a researcher and writer to create it for you.

After your E book is created and is ready for sale, you’ll need to start an account at Clickbank so affiliates can sell your book and help you make money. The best way to get affiliates to promote and sell your product is to offer them a very hefty commission. Besides that, you’ll need to learn how to market your website so you can receive traffic and ultimately convert that traffic into sales.

No matter what niche you find or decide to market to, this process will work each and every time. After you start making steady profit with your first online business it will then be much easier to repeat the process and earn money in other niches as well.

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