Quick Money Making Ideas – How to Make Money Writing Articles  

Article by Britt Malka

Article marketing is actually a powerful method to generate money, but there are other ways in which you can use your articles. You can be paid directly, or you can make indirect earnings from them.

Some Article Directories Pay You for Your Articles

Since several Web entrepreneurs demand articles, but don’t want to personally write them, theyíre happy to pay other people to do it for them.

If they don’t care about quality, they make somebody do it for one or two dollars per article, but serious money makers pay a lot more. Some writers earn or even per article.

One of the ways you can do that is by joining an article directory which will pay you for your articles.

Several directories do, and one of the best known is Associated Content. They will only pay up front if you live in the US, but all other writers are paid later, if somebody wants to use their articles or if they receive enough views.

Alternatives to Using Article Directories

Instead of submitting your articles to a directory in the hope of making some money, you can make good use of your articles in alternative places.

Try for instance Squidoo, eHow, HubPages, Xomba or RedGage.

With some of these, you receive your share of the AdSense income; others let you earn money from Kontera, eBay, Amazon, Chitika or for the number of views your article receives.

Make sure to read their rules before posting. It would be a shame to lose out on future income because of a stupid mistake.

How to Write an Article Quickly

There are several tricks to writing articles quickly, but still keeping them of high quality.

One of them is by ‘talking’.

Instead of writing your article, you can pretend that you’re talking to a friend as you read the article out loud.

Not that many years ago, you had to have a secretary to do this, but now you can use highly sophisticated voice recognition software to help you.

One of the greatest is Dragon Naturally Speaking.

It might take some time to acquaint yourself with it, but once you’re acquainted with the software, and it has ‘learned’ how you speak, you can easily ‘write’ an article in 5 minutes.

If you make on average with an article, you have a potential income of per hour, just by ‘talking to a friend’.

And the average income will probably be above five dollars, once you get the hang of it.

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