Provide Good Customer Service and Make Money from Home  

Article by Kay Kaur

You have gained a solid clientele and are still getting more by word of mouth and advertising. How do you cope with the growing demand for your product?

Businesses, be it the multinational corporations or home businesses, need to have excellent customer service to back up their operations. If you make money from home, it is essential that you work on a scheme by which you will be able to cope with the demands of your business while providing high quality customer service not only through after sales follow-up and support, but also during the time when you are trying to convince your clients to deal with you.

We all desire good quality customer service from anything we purchase. We all want to ensure our money is well spent and that we don’t get inconvenienced after making purchases and not getting the service that we require. Companies spend and invest in providing excellent customer service to their customers so that they will gain loyalty and lifetime support. Entrepreneurs who make money from home should also have the same outlook. There is extra effort needed to provide a similar service because of limited resources. You, the home entrepreneur, should be more creative and more ingenious when it comes to keeping up with the demand for excellent customer service so you will be able to meet the customer’s needs and gain their loyalty to your product or service offerings.

Good customer service starts even before the actual purchase. Coming to meetings on time is a sign that you respect your customer’s time and efforts. Keeping your presentation simple, interesting and direct to the point will keep your customer’s enthusiasm up. This displays you know how your business works and you can provide what your customer needs upfront. Keeping your commitment to deliver your product or render your service on time is important. Providing after sales support should always be available and easily accessible. Nowadays, providing such support can be made by telephone, fax and the Internet. You should explore all the possible avenues to provide customer support so that you can establish rapport with your customers and continuously make money from home.

You should not let the overwhelming tasks of providing customer care be overwhelming. There will be times when dissatisfied customers can disconcert you too. Acknowledging their frustration is important. Empathy is needed so that you can promptly address their issues. Knowing that you understand will make it all the more easy for them to communicate with you and resolve the issue. This will make them feel that you are not just out to make money from home through them. They will feel that they are important to you and your business and that you are taking care of them – your loyal customers.

When you make money from home, you should not just ensure that you have a product or service other people can trust. It is also vital to your business that you are able to address your customers’ concerns and issues that they may have. It is not always a smooth road but it can be done.

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Kay is the author of and a stay at home mum. She became an entrepreneur and started her Internet marketing business just last year. This has come leaps and bounds since she joined ccpro.

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