My Best Friend Taught me How to Make Money Doing Surveys  

Article by Ruth Cockrell

Because it’s quickly gaining popularity, a lot of people are now aware of the conveniences, profitability, and benefits of making money by doing surveys on the internet. Taking surveys online or paid surveys, as they are properly called, are at present very well-liked because they make earning cash online easy for people like me, a stay at home mom to three kids. On the other hand, several marketers, research analysts, and companies also prefer giving out online surveys, because through them they are able to obtain their consumers’ opinions, as well as other valued information they need.

I discovered the Quick Money Making paid surveys through my best friend. I have been noticing for a few months the new things she has bought for herself. I have been friends with Joanne since we were in diapers, and I knew that she only buy stuffs for herself when she has extra money to spare, and that never happened, ever since she got married and had her four kids. For that reason, I really got suspicious when she started buying new clothes. She even finally got herself a cell phone! When I couldn’t suppress my curiosity anymore, I asked her how she got the money to spend on the new things she bought. She replied by saying, “If I tell you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

My best friend explained to me that it was actually her eldest son who taught her about paid surveys. Since she was a housewife herself and she didn’t have anything to do while her kids were at school, she asked her son teach her how to make money by doing surveys. Her son mentioned paid surveys to her when he saw an advertisement about it online. She didn’t mention it to me because she knows that I’m a skeptic, that I wouldn’t believe anything, most of all internet money making schemes, unless I see proof. She deliberately wanted to show me how her life got better, instead of telling me how she’s making money these days.

From Joanne’s stories and articles I read online about paid surveys, I found out that completing surveys is very easy and simple to do, and can pay very well. What you should be careful of are scam sites and how to avoid them. Some of scam websites will lead you into believing you can Earn a Lot of Cash Online if you pay them to provide you with many surveys.

Getting a lot of surveys is not so hard to do. You only need to sign up with a lot of paid survey websites and complete the surveys they give you. You will be notified through email if surveys are available for you to fill up. You will discover how financially rewarding paid surveys if you treat it as a normal job and make time for it daily.

To be successful, remember that patience is the key to paid online surveys. Don’t give up hope if you receive only a few surveys at first, or get paid only a small amount for each survey you finish. You will find that if you continue finishing the surveys they give, they will start paying you more. Joanne taught me a lot about online surveys, but everything I learned, I got from an e-book she recommended. Click here to know more about the e-book on how you can Make Money by Doing Surveys.

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