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Money,lots of people would like to know how to make money on the internet.By now there are a lot of people making money,either by promotional work or selling.There are literally thousands making a full time living on places like eBay alone.The most common question you may be asking is,”what are these people doing to make a living”?It’s hard to tell the hype from the real deal.You only have to type the words,”make money online”or “making money online” and a lot of the information is just promoting various eproducts,mainly Internet marketing.People ask,”Is it only expert internet marketers that are making money”.

Blogging or writing articles will make you money,there are a lot of sites that you can write for now. Some of them charge you to join,others charge a certain amount each month to belong to them,others are free.Some people will use several sites whilst others stick to one.Most of the sites are helpful giving tips that will help you to make money writing online articles.Click Here!

Websites,blogs and articles are created in part to sell products through affiliate marketing.Bloggers and webmasters add affiliate advertising to their sites to help fund the running costs of their site.Marketing and selling a product through a link is affiliate marketing.The seller is called the affiliate,who may sign up with a company such as Amazon or one of the many companies that have affiliate marketing networks in place.The affiliate is then given links to sell the product and other promotional items thatwill help them to make sales.Each time someone clicks through the links or ads that were placed by the affiliate goes to the seller’s site and then buys the product,the affiliate earns a commission.Thecommission is usually a percentage of the sale price.There are some article directories that allow affiliate ads,but some don’t allow affiliate links at all.These a just a few things you could do to make money online!This is the first part of a series on,”how to make money on the internet”.Click Here!

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