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Article by Jann

Of course, on how to make money online no boundaries – from software to web platforms. In most cases, it is in business and higher initial capitalization makers redoubt. But not this, I did not want to talk about. Focusing instead on how the Internet can be a private person to make money. The Internet is the only medium in which one person is a minimal financial cost / effort to access the rest of the world. Small size, Estonia is no longer an issue, because ostjaskonna your physical location does not play a major role (with the exception of the goods to which the forwarding is to consider the large number). What’s the way to make money online?

Here is the 7 most common way of making money are tested:

Get Paid To Programs Internet is full of all kinds of programs that promise you money in almost the eimillegi for – but you need to click anywhere, register it anywhere, any e-mails to read and know what yet. And then one of the activities you are paid an average of $ 0.00001 to $ 0.01. There have been instances where some of these systems are a dime earned – or even up to $ 50 dollars – but this time, what you put there is already worth more than that bit. Any such schemes to earn real income can not, moreover, absurd and horrible boring. The vast majority of such systems is still a fraud, that it can not be olematutki money. Grade: 0 / 10

Affiliate marketing,-My choice.This has been such a type of marketing where you promote someone else’s product and get sales commissions. You do not have to deal with müügitehnigute, storage, or the creation of a product / procedure. Usually it works, so that you register a company, to whom the program is kaasturunduse and they give you materials to promote our own: the texts of e-mails for content, banners, web page design elements, etc.. And also you can get your affiliate ID code, which refers to anything you put (the internet link), and the paths through which potential buyers of the real seller of the page. If your reference to the owner of the page to go through the visitor buys the product, then you get a percentage of the price of the product itself. Any products that you are promoting it from wall to wall: up to potentsiravimite t-shirts and other koolitustoodeteni. Disadvantages to this design is that you have a little freedom, absolutely no control over the product itself and most of the money goes to a general rule, always the producer. Grade: 10 / 10

Advertising the sale of your blog / website.The idea of this model is simple – to put up a blog or website, put ads in there, and the money starts flowing! The real life, alas, it is not as simple as that. That, although there are hundreds of systems through which you can put ads on your page each (AdSense, Project Wonderful, Clicksor and many others, including a number of Estonian-based makers), but the money to live on it could be (and still great!), Is requires a great deal of visits.If Google AdSense clickthrough rate of the case shall be deemed to be approved (ie no more than one per cent of the visitors clicked an ad) for only about 2 per cent per click and paid for (depending on keyword) to an average of 10 cents, the U.S., then, for example, 10 000 USD per month for service on your web site should go about 500 000 six people. Such a number of his website, however, does not create overnight. Estonia loetuimad (!) Blogs to ~ 8000 visits per month, and many other tippsaidid Estonia has been strongly below 500 000th Veebiliikluse means to obtain such a large investment in time and material. And in order to reklaampinda sell EMTile or bank, you must be visited in addition to the well-known trademark, and a salesman. Grade: 3 / 10

Web sales.These include the sale of domain names and web sites ready for sale. It is mitmeidveebilehtede markets, where the actors can sell their creations. The idea is as follows: To build a Web page ready (design, content, and all the other necessary comb), you put your site and move to create a number of regular visitors, and then sell it off. You may also be sold immediately after completion, but the price is much lower and Tahtjaid little. If you know how to make web pages, it can be quite a good way to earn additional money, do not know if it is not to do anything with the. Grade: 4 / 10

Freelancing or their sales skills.You know Programming? You know how to build a website? Write articles? If you have any skills that can be implemented based virtual world, you can sell them the skills. Respective websites, which offer their services on top of each angle: Guru, GetAFreelance, eLance and many others. Deficit here is that there is still a job, not the business. You do not earn money with sleep, but only if you put in your time. And your time is not available in unlimited quantities. Grade: 4 / 10

Purchase and sale of goods webauctions.The auction is always good to get a cheap price. The key to success lies in the fact that superdiil find any, buy more and put it away for sale. EBay is the United States through the service for maintenance so prevalent, and this is a kind of “industry” created. In Estonia it would be difficult to make money, because the long distance because of the high shipping. I’m not sure you can earn a living the same way. Here, the same point in the previous case, even if you can get enough money to earn, the Good only if the follow-intensive games. Grade: 3 / 10

The creation of internet businesses.The establishment of its internet means that you have your product or products (physical or digital) that you sell. You have full control of the business itself, the design of the equipment strategies, marketing plan, for the price. Providing a product (service) to the scalability of your business – if you are able to offer the service but so far, if you own a lot of time is, then you get a product to sell quantities of infinity. This, in turn, implies a considerable increase in income. Automated internet produces money for you, even when you’re sleeping or you are traveling through India. In addition to all of this is fun. Grade: 10/10

Hope you find from here what you like the most and GL to you all.Regards Jann.
About the Author

The author of this article have over 2 years experience in web marketing and he run succesful blog.He is from Estonia,so forgive him some Spelling mistakes.Thanks for reading.

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