Moms – How Would You Like to Make Money From Home?   

Article by Shawn

It is every mother’s dream to be able to stay at home with her kids, nurturing them, watching them grow, and being everything that a “Mom” should be. But in today’s expensive world, very few families can afford the luxury of having a stay at home mom.

Or can they?

It is possible for you to escape the rat race, and spend more time with the people who are most important to you. It just takes a little bit of knowledge, and you could be building your own online business! Your first step is to find a program or a system to help you get started. What do you need to look for?

You want to find a program that offers a real product. Too many so-called business opportunities are really just disguises for pyramid schemes. You want to join a company with a multi-level marketing system.

What is the difference, you might ask?

Well, the difference is simple. A pyramid scheme charges you to join the program (to make money), and then tells you to recruit other people to join the program (based on the fact that they will make money). The problem with this is that no real product is changing hands – you’re just selling spots in an ever growing pyramid of people (all of whom are paying a “toll” to the guy at the top…) who are paying the people who recruit them for the chance to recruit others.

A multi-level marketing system is different. Companies like Avon have been successfully using the multi-level marketing method for years. With a multi-level system (a REAL one, not some of the ones that are reporting to be MLM but are actually just barely disguised pyramid schemes) you have a real product. You go out and sell it to real people, for a portion of the profit. And if you want to, you can offer those people (and others) the opportunity to become a representative for the company as well, and earn an “over-ride” on their sales.

Essentially, what that means is that for every sale you make directly, you make money. And for every sale made by a person who joined because of you, you make a smaller amount of money.

Multi-level marketing is, by far, the simplest way to make money from home.

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