Making Money From Home – What is Your Motivation?  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

Everyone has a special reason for trying to make money from home. Very often it’s sheer desperation, as we read in the advertisements from the various entrepreneurs trying to sell their most recent product. Those stories are gripping, and we can see ourselves in a similar boat and desiring to do as that truck driver, housewife, or single mom has done. I mention here three strong motivators and I think you will see yourself somewhere here.

Paying your debts

This was a strong motivator for me. In fact it was a “must do.” I like watching the Suze Orman show and one of the things Suze absolutely demands of everyone is that they get out of credit card debt or anything other debt as soon as possible. Our society has been a buy now and pay later culture, which sometimes works to our advantage but most of the time it is just a noose around our necks. If you have any kind of debt, that is your first motivator right there. You need to find another way to earn income so that you can clear your debts and stay our of them permanently. You can make money from home. Research the possibility and start today.

Keeping your family safe and sound

Whether you are the chief bread winner for a little family or you are a single mom trying to survive, or perhaps a single man carving out a career. Whatever the case, you need some financial independence on top of, or instead of, working for someone else no matter how secure that job seems to be. Making money at home is the perfect way to do that since it’s flexible, and doesn’t require upfront cash like starting your own physical business would. Love for your family is a very strong motivator and shows you are thinking in a positive direction in uncertain financial times.

Achieving your dreams

Everyone has dreams. Perhaps you started off dreaming about the perfect career, then finding a life partner, after that owning a home, or traveling to some exotic place on the globe that sparks your interest. Perhaps you want a certain kind of car, or perhaps like me, also want to send money overseas or to some charity that you are passionate about, but right now you can’t do it. Dreams are so different for each one of us. What do you feel like when you are dreaming? If you are like me, you feel happy, full of hope, and warmly optimistic. So keep dreaming but it’s up to you to make those dreams a reality.

Motivation is a powerful emotion or energy, use it to your advantage. Each of the motivations above are good. Remember that it’s one hundred percent important that you get out of debt (very powerful motivator), it’s super important that you keep your family safe and secure, and dreams are what make the world go around. Let these motivations take you a step closer to your life’s goals. Think seriously about having a second way of supporting yourself and your family by adding a make money at home business.

Lillian Cornelius is an author and online researcher.

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is an online researcher and writer with international experience in life. She is also is concerned about assisting widows and orphans in Africa.

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