Making Money from Home: Two Ways to Make Your Work from Home Pay  

Article by Martha Amaro

Making money from home comes more easily for some people than others. If you’re struggling with your efforts to earn money at home there are two small things you can do that will help you increase your earnings over time. Start doing them today and commit to doing them every day for dramatic improvements in your at home income.

1) Set office hours. It may sound a little nutty but it works like a charm. If you establish office hours and stick to them you’ll find that you take your work more seriously and others around you take it more seriously as well. Now here’s the kicker. You have to use your office hours to actually work (not play games, send emails, or goof off on your favorite social networking site). Have a list of monthly, weekly, and daily tasks to perform. If you complete your list for the day, review the work done, and move on to items on your weekly list. It is just as important to understand that you need to call it a day when your office hours are done. Don’t overlap work and family time. This will help your family respect your need to work because they know they’ll get your undivided attention when the work day is done. It will also make you take your work hours more seriously. It’s a win-win situation.2) Draw up a business plan. There are many benefits to having a clear business plan. The two most obvious are that 1) it gives you a direction to take your business and 2) it forces you to view your at home business more like a real business. The more seriously you take your business the more likely you will be to actually work the plan you create. You don’t have to go for a complicated business plan worthy of someone with an MBA. What you want is a plan you can follow that has a definite direction in which to take your business. Make sure your business plan includes a vision and a mission (where you see your business going and how you plan to get there). This way you will remain focused on the goals at hand when complications and frustrations arise. And, trust me, they WILL come.If you create an effective and aggressive business plan (and of course follow it) and combine that with set office hours that you and your family respect and follow, you’ll see your business grow by leaps and bounds. Not only that, but your family and friends won’t end up feeling neglected as a result of your efforts of making money from home.

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