Making Money from Home and Beat the Recession  

Article by Sylvia Le

Making money from home is becoming a more and more popular practice of employment. People are becoming very creative in different avenues in making money from home. The internet is a valuable resource to earn extra income to help beat the recession. The average person that has a home computer uses it for a multitude of reasons including; shopping, online classes, communication with friends and family, entertainment and general research. Many people do not realize they can use the internet to make money at home. There are many different types of employment opportunities using the internet. These are just a few benefits of working from home on the internet to help beat the recession:

1. If you use resources you already have in your home i.e. your computer and telephone, there are hundreds of employment opportunities available from medical billing to real estate to telemarketing. The cost is somewhat minimal if you don’t have to purchase a new computer and already have an internet connection of some sort.

2. If you are an independent contractor, in many states, your office equipment and needed services are a business expense and can be written off of your taxes. You must consult your accountant or tax advisor to determine what your state allows to be written off. Telephone services, high speed internet connection, part of your utilities and anything that is required to do the job may be allowed as a business expense. If you have a dedicated room or area as office space that is used specifically for business, in many states you can include that square footage of your house as a business expense. In most cases there is substantial savings by being self employed (independent contractor).

3. The added expenses of car maintenance, fuel expenses or public transportation are all eliminated when you work from home.

Using your creative thinking, personal talents and current resources to choose a work from home position anyone can earn an income from home to help beat the recession. We can choose to not participate in the recession and not be victims in the current economic downfall by using our own resources and taking the initiative to fully utilize them.

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