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Article by Linda Pogue

There are many ways to make money from home. Offering home-based services to business, blogging for money, freelance writing, scripting/coding, and Web design, affiliate marketing, or even tutoring junior high and high school students online are just some of the possibilities. While there are a plethora of scams on the Internet, there are also some good sites where you can find information on making money at home.

Home-based services for businesses would include typing documents, developing materials for business sales meetings and presentations, doing technical editing for major publishers, and much more. These kinds of jobs are not always easy to find. A good place to look for recommendations would be standard business journals, which occasionally spotlight or review some of the opportunities available. Be advised that this is often considered work-for-hire or contract work and may not be paid for several months following completion of the assignment.

Bloggers can make money by creating a blog that is targeted toward a narrow, or niche, market, and signing up for Google AdSense. Google places highly relevant advertisements on the blog page, offering products for your readers to purchase. AdSense is free for the blogger to use, and pays a few cents every time a reader clicks on an AdSense link.

Freelance writers, scripters, coders, and Web designers can offer their services to others through forum postings, site memberships, or even find work through job listing sites. Writers are expected to understand grammar rules, including when to break them, as well as spelling and punctuation rules. Freelancers who do a good job for their clients have the opportunity for making a lot of money at home.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling something for someone else for a portion of the profits. Making money at home by promoting products on the Internet is a popular method for building an income stream. Some of the ways to promote products for vendors are article marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and e-mail marketing. Each type of affiliate marketing requires learning a specialized set of skills, including but not limited to learning how to research keywords, learning how to optimize articles and Web sites for search engines, and learning how to track income producing clicks to grow your business.

Students sometimes need a little extra help in understanding a subject. Math tutoring is probably one of the biggest needs. If you are good with math, especially higher math such as advanced algebra or calculus, a Google search will help you find multiple places to apply.

Whichever method you choose for making money at home, read the terms of contract (TOC). The TOC will tell you what is expected of you, what you can and cannot do, when you will get paid, and much more. Expect to spend some time working through the learning curve, especially in freelance writing and affiliate marketing. Making money at home is possible for anyone with a little talent and a lot of persistence.For more information on making money at home, visit Professional Wealthy Affiliate. Another great resource is Article Marketing – Bum Marketing.

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