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Article by Stavros Georgiadis

Make money blogging is very popular on the Internet because blogs are the main core of the Internet communication, marketing and advertising often called web 2.0. Since a blog or weblog requires significant effort, time and also money to become known on the web and gain traffic from real visitors and potential customers it is wise and prudent to try to get all the best rewards such as money, fame and glory plus popularity. In this article we will only concentrate on how make money blogging with better-known techniques.

Google Adsense is the most well known platform, which permits you after installing a specific code to show ads on your blog, and if someone clicks on them you immediately generate online revenue. The main trick is to have targeted traffic focusing on one specific or a few topics with high volumes of searches per month. Besides Google other well-known online advertising providers are AdBrite, Chitika, Widgetbucks.

Affiliate marketing is a second cash generation method. Promoting products, services, goods of other companies and receiving commissions for their marketing is an interesting and cost effective method to supplement your residual income. Perhaps the most promising and long-lasting make money idea or notion is to create your own information digital product based on a how to do something well, filled with real, productive, positive thinking and effective tips, advice, photos, videos and if possible reviews and testimonials. Proof that something you originally made works is a very strong sales tool. Being independent from others you can place your own price, terms and conditions on how to distribute online your personal creation.

A website without traffic is an expiring business venture with time clicking towards the end. In simple terms no web traffic, no visitors mean zero sales. Internet marketing and SEO knowledge are essential ingredients of your online success. The illusion that many new bloggers have is that they can be on top of search engines for keyword phrases that are very competitive and have very high volume on monthly basis such as money, business, marketing with only a few posts on their website. This is totally untrue and the main reason why it is so difficult to rank well for extremely popular keywords is that there is too many competition. It takes many time and hard work to be on number one page on major search engines so if you are determined to invest in your blogging career then failure after disappointment will come.

The most effective and successful tip to make a blogging career is to treat it a real business and not a hobby. Writing often to make search engines happy with new content should become a daily routine such as your regular work. Be determined to succeed and devote time and effort on marketing and promoting to expand your visibility on the net.

Spying your competitors and copying their best SEO practices is not only a constant free productive source of getting a better writer but by observing visually what methods top websites have to attract web traffic is also informational and practical. You do not have to be an expert to realize recent trends, experiment, test and apply what really works in online marketing.

Make money on the Internet is about being popular not by your looks, although it is a good idea but by your links. Get as many links as possible with:• Social media and social bookmarking• Articles• Many and frequent posts, not one per month• Videos you personally create• Establishing an authority with social networking or a brand name• Be open minded to changes and criticism or reviews

Time, patience, positive thinking, determination to succeed and daily small steps all add value, credibility to your blog marketing business. It is a natural belief that gets rich quick doing nothing is a dream and wishful thinking for all of us, reality is much harder than just dreams. If get rich quick was so easy then we would not have this financial crisis at all. The worst thing you can do is to start buying on easy and cheap promises all the reports, courses, ebooks that claim free money into your bank account within minutes or days. Soon you will end up with a huge debt wondering how you created it. At the other spectrum of the horizon you will not make but instead owe money. So realize that Internet is business and a great marketplace to show your talent in blogging and your expertise. Believe that plenty of time is required and smart work with all social media sites that could be fun also. After a couple of months when your website pagerank will be high enough and monthly volume of web traffic will be common then your hard efforts will have proved that today and for the future blogging is a serious make money business. Take your own online portion of income.

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