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Making money from home is actually possible and with ecommerce, easy. Selling online has opened up doors to profitability for many individuals. And you can do it, too. First things first, go do a simple search of stores that sell online. It can be big department store brands, electronics stores, or a mom and pop gone modern. Do a benchmark study of what you see and list down the best practices that you think you can use to make ecommerce easy for you. Now, decide on what you want to sell online. We suggest that it be something you’re familiar with or something you like. You will be dealing with the same product day in, day out and you will be writing content about it, so it should be something that at least piques your interest. Do some more research on the market you’ve chosen. What kind of demand is there? What kind of products are they interested in? How do you get in touch with your market? How do they find your products on the internet? It does not have to be a formal paper, just a good solid study about the people you will sell online to. Easy so far? Now comes the technical part. If you know how to use email, then ecommerce can be just as easy. There are a lot of websites offering free ecommerce easy templates. Use this, especially if you’re trying out selling online for the first time. Next, you need to find a good source for your product. You can get a supplier to send products to you, warehouse this and do the order fulfillment yourself. But there’s an easier way around it. Use dropshipping. In this modern supply chain management method, all you need to do is to feed the products in the virtual warehouse of your chosen dropshipper to your own store to sell online. Once you’ve made a sale, simple process the order and collect the payment. Then, place the order with your dropshipper. The dropship company will send the products directly to the end-consumer. With this, you don’t just save time on the order fulfillment process, you also save money on warehousing, hiring personnel and shipping the product. There you have it, sell online via ecommerce easy. You can make money from home by being an entrepreneur without spending so much time or money on your venture.

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