Make Money from Home with these Exciting Careers  

Article by William Street

There are many ways people can make money from home. These five careers are just a good start for those who aren’t sure where to begin. These are work from home jobs that often accept entry level workers or workers with as little as six months to one year’s worth of experience. They are also jobs that most people can do from home and work around life and family.

1) Professional blogger. Blogging has come a long way from being a virtual diary. Today businesses are beginning to use blog as a new way of relating to customers. Not only is it possible to work as a blogger for big name companies but it’s also possible to start your own money-making blog. This won’t make you rich right away but it can build a steady stream of residual income.

2) Virtual assistant. Do you have what it takes to be someone’s girl Friday? A home business as a virtual assistant can be rewarding, challenging, and highly profitable to the girl (or guy) Friday who has the right set of skills. With more and more people beginning online careers the demand for quality VAs is growing by leaps and bounds. What does a virtual assistant (VA) do? A little bit of everything. Customer service, correspondence, phone work, transcribing, blogging, web design, bookkeeping, and submitting articles to various article directories is only a small token of the things the average VA does on a daily basis. It’s definitely a job that leaves little time for boredom.

3) Internet marketing. Internet marketers make much of their money either by selling information products or through affiliate marketing on the web. This can be an incredibly lucrative method for making money though it does take a little time to get the ball rolling and revenue streaming in. There are a few skills involved but the real draw of Internet marketing is that it can be done with kids in the house, noise in the background, and really crazy late night hours.

4) Website designer. This is a skill that is growing in demand as more businesses decide to go for an Internet presence. It’s one of those skills that is fairly easy to learn but people who own restaurants, run newspapers, or run auto repair shops aren’t interested in taking the time to learn. Their loss can be your game and the potential for profit is great if you really work to hone your skills.

5) Medical and/or legal transcription. This is another position that can be done no matter what’s going on in the background. As long as you can hear the dictation in order to transcribe and aren’t too distracted to get the job done it doesn’t matter if you’re working around your family. This is a good choice for moms who want to make money from home and have fast typing fingers and good ears everywhere.

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About the Author

About the Author:

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