Make Money From Home – What to Do When your Marketing Budget is Zero  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

Although advertisers of programs for making money from home tell you that you can start out with no money and no budget, the truth is that it’s difficult to do. Note that I said difficult, not impossible. After paying your .00 or so to get going with a program, you may be given a website which is a good start. But the next thing you will discover is that you will not go very long before you will run into hosting or other monthly fees. Then what do you do??

Find out what is free

Although I sometimes I feel I’m wasting my time just browsing the Internet, I have discovered it definitely can be productive. It’s like going to a bookstore even though you don’t plan to buy anything. Something catches your eye and piques your interest and then you head to the library to see if you can borrow it for free. This in turn starts you off on a path of interest you hadn’t thought of before.

Well, the internet is the same. In fact it’s amazing what you can find in there. Since our subject is making money from home, you will want to look at any information you can find about working from home. Many people are selling ezines (small books) or information products online. I’m not suggesting that you buy them because you are on ‘no budget’. But many of them offer a free report hoping you will buy later. Take up those offers because you will find some nuggets of information that will be helpful to you later, or the report may link you to some other free helpful sources.

Subscribe to newsletters

Newsletters are another way of learning more about making money from home. These newsletters are usually free and are a way for a marketer to sell you his products later on. But they do teach you a lot in the process. If after a certain length of time you don’t find the newsletter valuable to you, you can always unsubscribe. You begin to learn names of other successful writers and marketers, everything you learn will come in handy at some point.

What to do with the information

I suggest keeping a small file or a folder on your desktop to store information you might want to follow up on later when you are in a better financial situation. I have two or three of those right now waiting till I have funds to follow up. At the beginning of your business of making money from home, it’s sensible to allot a couple of hours a week just for research purposes and finding out what other people are doing. Ezine Articles, for instance, is a source of helpful information and it’s free. Keep what’s valuable. And incidentally, you can begin writing articles yourself.

So the point is this: it’s not necessary to spend money in order to take those important steps towards financial independence. Follow through on the program you are in, or if you are still searching, find the best program you can and then take advantage of anything that’s free. There is a lot of learning to do as you follow your determination to make money from home, but you can definitely benefit with what’s free.

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer and online researcher.

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