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Article by Joanne McMahon

Make Money from HomeI spent years working for different companies and earning a less than adequate wage. Every day, it would cease to amaze me at how many incompetent highly paid managers I had worked for and how much more I seemed to know than them. If you can relate to this, well consider the many options you have to make money from home.My husband and I had dabbled in web design some years back and we started designing websites for friends businesses and charging a small fee for our work. This soon led to lots of work and we started to make money from home in our spare time and on top of our established income. Since those early days we have now branched out into internet marketing. Although time consuming and a little competitive, it is certainly satisfying and can add various levels of income to the bank.There are a number of ways to make money from home and it does not necessarily involve web design or internet marketing. I have set friends up with data entry jobs which they do from home and basically they are entering names and numbers for companies. They choose to work the hours they want, when they want in the comfort of their own homes. Some of my friends are young mums with small children so this allows them to make money from home and keep their children with them without the added expense of day-care.I also have a friend who was a hairdresser working for a famous salon. Her position had been high pressure with minimum wage plus long hours and her creativity controlled by the company image. She was really unhappy and I had suggested she set up her own salon at home in the garage that adjoined her house. Initially, she invested some money to set it up and give the garage a more salon feel. She then created a small flyer and put it in people’s letterboxes in her neighbourhood to inform them of her location, hours and fees. She was soon inundated with clients and she has now added a beauty makeover section to her home business and is making a fortune.There are endless ideas to make money from home, you just need to think outside the square, explore the many options available and make it happen. Like anything, it takes time and committment. Don’t just expect things to happen without any effort. Put in the miles, stay positive and focused and watch your dream come true!

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Joanne McMahon is committed to helping people to take control of their lives with natural good health. She also helps people to achieve their goals and dreams in career and business as well as marketing and being successful. By being healthy and positive, she believes you can achieve anything you truly want to achieve!

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