Make Money From Home: The Beginners Guide…  

Article by Ian J Wilcock

To make money from home there are a few things you first need to consider;

1. How do I want to make money?

2. Do I want to quit my day job?

3. What possibilities does it give me?

Right let’s take a look at the first one, there are many different ways to earn money from home and you need to look at the options and decide which is best for you. (I will list pros and cons of each).

1. Selling products on eBay. Pros – A lot of money can be made on eBay this is where i first started earning online, quite easy to implement, instant market. Cons – Can be quite hard to find genuine suppliers, need an initial investment.

2. Building niche websites. Pros – No/Small initial investment, the more you put in the more you get out, can earn automated and multiple streams, can do it part time first. Cons – N/A.

3. Setting up a local business. Pros – Be your own boss, earn as much as you can. Cons – Must have a skill to offer, high initial investment.

The next question to ask yourself is do i want to quit my day job? Well I’m sure many of you are screaming at the computer scream OF COURSE I DO!!! But wait you need to look at whether it is a sensible decision at this stage.

Say for instance you chose building niche websites to be your way of making money online then there is no need to quit your day job until you have built a reliable stream of income, the last thing i want to happen is for loads of people to leave there jobs and try to make it alone that is very high risk and not necessary. You can easily build niche websites around your current job. That’s why this is what i currently do.

Even if you chose selling products on eBay it is still possible to do it around work until you have built up a reliable source of income. Whereas if you set up a local business it is a bit harder to do around a normal job, this is because it requires more work and there are more overheads in a local business.

Now what possibilities does it give you? With building niche websites the possibilities are endless, you can make as many websites as you feel comfortable with and there are many different income sources you can create.

Even if selling on eBay is what you would rather do then the possibilities are still endless it just depends on how much work you put in.

Making money from home is the most rewarding thing because you have done it yourself and you are in control of what you earn. The more work you put in the more money you get out.

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