Make Money From Home Online   

Article by Jeffrey Randolph

Make Money From Home Online

Make money from home online is the hottest topic. Internet was first an Intranet and it was made to network.

Later on it became so popular in business, it transformed into the World Wide Web.

Now the major use of Internet is business. All small and large businesses have their outlets online. Others are totally hosted and run their shops online.

This opens up opportunities to make money from home online.

First and most important step to make money from home online, is:

1. Selecting the right niche. This selection should be based on your skills or abilities.

2. Second is your interest, what do you like the to do? There are so many opportunities available just like a real world market. You can sell your services or products.


If you are talkative and fluent in writing, blogging could become a steady source of income to make money from home online.

Blogs are websites which are constantly added with fresh content, called blog posts. There is no limit of how much you should write for a blog. You can add posts daily or weekly, it depends on your speed and availability of fresh content.

How to earn from your blog? You can get money from different sources like Google adsense ads, affiliate network ads and ads from different online companies.

Amount and range of income depends on the popularity and user traffic to your blog. If more people visit your blog, more chances will be to earn from the multiple ads.

If you plan to make blogging, your residual income source, equip your blog with informative and interesting content, optimize it for search engines, do keyword research and utilize the results throughout your content, perform link building campaigns to get good PR with search engines. This will help you to make money from home online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has the most potential for making money from home online, compared to any other niche of online money making. Member of affiliate networks are called affiliates, they have unique affiliate referral links. When they refer someone to a particular product or service, they earn the commission of that sale.

There are three major advantages of affiliate marketing.

* First you are doing direct business and earn direct commissions. These commissions are per sale or lead generation basis. So the commission multiplies with number of sales and your earning figures raise.

* Second advantage of affiliate marketing is that you get already created and optimized niches and products. For example if you are going to sell a beauty cream, you will get all the necessary keywords, banner ads, links etc to start promoting.

* Third benefit of affiliate marketing is that it’s always free to join, have free training material and a range of products. So you can start your earnings from the first day of joining, and make money from home on line.

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