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Article by Lillian Cornelius

Are you afraid to tackle something new for fear of failing or that you don’t have the abilities to do what’s required? Fear of failure is one reason not to start any new adventure. What comes to mind is watching baseball. Those players, experienced as they are, go up to bat knowing they can strike out in front of a stadium full of people, even lose the game for their team. But they keep doing it. Why? Because they know they are still learning and want to get better, and also know that they can also hit a home run – they have learned that life is full of risks and constantly learning to do things better. There are three things I want to mention about the benefits of learning something new. They are these: we are in a culture of life-long learning,learning is good for your brain,learning is fun.Keep on learning while you make money from home.

We are in a culture of life-long learning

Many years ago our grandparents settled into a career path and stayed there for thirty years or even fifty years and were satisfied to receive a gold watch at the end, even though the salary they received was not anywhere near what their labor was worth. But not any more! People move from company to company, wherever they need to go to keep their family safe and sound financially. This requires a whole new way of thinking and many workers have gone back to school to improve their qualifications, and even changed their profession if what they were doing wasn’t the right option for them. Each new job or relocation requires learning something new and that is good for our mental health. Even grandparents are taking courses in all sorts of things that interest them and catching up on the education and interests they had at one time and now have the leisure to pursue. Life-long learning is a good thing.

Learning is good for your brain and future health

I’m in the over 50 crowd, and we are told over and over again to keep our brains active and the connections active. Learning something new facilitates this. Some take up learning the piano, painting, reactivating a hobby or skill from the past. My husband decided to start playing his violin again. Having to read the notes and play with other people keeps his brain active and provides pleasure at the same. So never fear taking up a new option in your life such as making money at home because it seems that the learning curve is too steep and takes you into areas in your computer you have never been before. That’s good for your health, and soon you will become more comfortable with every click.

Learning is fun

It’s true that a program to make money from home requires discipline, patience and hard work. There is always a fun element as well. Do you remember your early school years? In September you were so excited to get your new teacher, your new school supplies, your new text books and were so proud of the new subjects you were going to learn. Well, no matter how old you are, think of learning as fun. Children don’t mind how many times they fall down, they just get up again, and if they have good support they will turn those mistakes into achievements. Taking up a new way to make money from home gives you something new to talk about with your family and friends. If we think of something as fun it’s not nearly so stressful.

So to sum up, look upon starting a business to Make Money from Home as something that’s fun in your life and that the learning it requires is a great benefit. Even though other circumstances in your life may be difficult, the Bible tells us that in this life we will have trouble but we can overcome. So let the learning experience be a positive one. Remember that life-long learning is part of our culture and you want to be part of it, you want to keep your brain active and your mental health strong. And because it can add the “fun” element while at the same time making you money at home.

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer and online researcher with many years of international missions experience.

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