Make Money From Home – How will it affect your partner?  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

Perhaps you are deciding to make money from home either part-time or full-time as a result of being downsized or you have realized that your present employment situation isn’t working. At this point you have to discuss with your partner how it is going to affect both of you, because it surely will. This is a decision to make together, and has many aspects to consider which you will discover more and more as you go forward.

Initially here are three questions to ask:

Is your other half skeptical?

This is the first hoop to jump through. Perhaps your friend, husband, wife has heard that all these “Make Money From Home” business opportunities are scams. Perhaps he or she has tried and failed or known someone who has. Unfortunately there is some truth in that. And you will have to convince your partner that you will avoid those kinds of untrustworthy programs. This is where you will have to enlist your partner’s help in checking out the contacts and testimonials. A healthy skepticism is a good thing so don’t be too starry eyed, but let your partner know that you have understood the risks and are taking a very logical approach to the whole thing. In the initial search for a good work at home program, it’s a good idea for both of you to be looking online and noting ‘what seems too good to be true’, what is simply educative, and what will give you ongoing help and coaching and a good feeling that it will work well for you.

Is your other half willing to sacrifice?

If your new decision is to either quit your full-time job or one of your part-time jobs in order to make money online, then it will no doubt affect your overall income. Can you afford this?? If it’s going to be tight, then talk together about the benefits of sacrificing some income while you are waiting for the business to be profitable. By not doing it, you will be left right where you are now, finding it hard to cope with the monthly bills. You need to realize that it will be a sacrifice for both of you and figure out how you can organize for the new business. It may mean re-budgeting your overall spending habits in favor of giving yourselves a chance to do much better financially in future and improve your overall quality of life.

Is your other half going to be supportive and involved?

In the initial search for a good work at home program, it’s a good idea for both of you to be looking online and analyzing and checking out the various opportunities. Perhaps you have already started and your partner hasn’t seen any profits coming your way. You will have to take the other person into your day-to-day struggles and show her what you are doing, have her listen to the videos and tapes so that she feels a part. She may be better than you are at this and it will develop into a partnership. Don’t struggle alone. That’s what partners, husbands and wives are for.

To sum up, it’s important that if you are in a relationship where your partner will be affected by your decision to make money from home, you will have to deal with healthy skepticism, then how much your partner will be willing to sacrifice in income and time commitment, and hopefully you will have a supportive and involved partner who can help you and be a happy business partner in your making money from home adventure. May you have success together!

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer with international experience. She is especially concerned with widows and orphans in Africa.

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