Make Money From Home – How to keep Positive When Things Go Wrong  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

Lately I’ve been thinking that this business of making money from home is not what I thought it was. It’s not working the way I anticipated. Yes, I’ve been discouraged, but I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes you have to crawl through and find it. It scares me when I hear that 90% (some say 95%) of all Work at Home businesses are scams. I have to believe that there are fair people out there, that there are pearls to be found, that there are diamonds deep down in the mines. I believe there are good-hearted people who want to share their understanding and expertise. And so I’m not giving up. But how do I keep up my positive attitude and optimism? I’ve thought of a few ways.

Look for advertisers whose tone of voice you like

Do writers have a tone of voice? Yes, writers have a tone of voice. There are those who want to beat the system, and then there are those people who will encourage you in your quest to make money. The internet is here to stay, and more and more people are buying online. Affiliate marketing is still a valid business which can benefit everyone. You need to sift through the hype and find something solid and start working with it. Yes, there are people who want to sell at any cost, and will try any trick, but let’s believe that good always triumphs over evil, even though it is not apparent at first. Although this is an aside and not about the internet, I’m thrilled to hear stories of ordinary people who achieved great results and so glad that the media, both print and TV, has taken the trouble to unearth them. That’s when my eyes mist up and my heart swells with pride as I see the success and sacrifice of individuals who went beyond the call of duty. I believe it’s true of the internet as well. There are good people there. they are not all scammers.

How we look at money is important.

Let us see money as a commodity to enrich our lives. It is bartering power to get what we need and want. I used to live in Africa and the marketplace is such an interesting experience, where you bring your goat to sell to someone and in exchange you go home with a sack of maize or cabbages or whatever else you need, or just plain cash to pay your children’s school fees. We all have a wish list (one thing on my wish list is to go on a cruise), and before the wish list we must take care of the necessities of life and our families. Let’s think of money as a way to buy things that are important to us, not necessarily to give us power over other people or a way to show off wealth, but to use wealth for our own comfort and to spill over to others.

Enjoying life as it is now

Happiness is elusive. If we pursue it, we don’t usually find it, but it comes to us as a delightful bonus when we least expect it. Although we haven’t made enough money yet to get all those things we might dream about, let’s be positive and enjoy the small blessings of life — a cup of coffee with a friend, reading the newspaper with your spouse on Saturday morning, or delight ing in our children’s accomplishments.Some of my goals are to travel and enjoy God’s great universe and visit some of the beautiful places of the earth. These is a good goal. But in the meantime I plan to enjoy each and every day and the small pleasures of life while I’m working at increasing my income from my make money at home business.

Christmas is coming, instead of worrying that you don’t have the money you would like, think how you can enjoy it without money. I’m not advocating poverty, I’m in this business as you are to make money and to improve my situation, but let’s enjoy the journey and try and find the good everywhere. Let’s have a merry heart this Christmas season and keep working hard at our home business.

About the Author

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