Make Money From Home – How to Improve Your Concentration  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

This article is about concentration. Concentration is a discipline and an art. It is an important subject because so few of us really know how to concentrate on a job till it is finished. We get side-tracked and distracted. I intend to discuss a few ways we can improve our concentration.

Examples of concentration

I like watching baseball pitchers on TV. They are a picture of concentration. They have only one thing in mind, and that’s the next pitch. Though they have to watch for signals and keep track of that runner on base, they are keenly zeroed in on the batter with the intention of getting him out. Their eyes show they are looking at the strike zone and the exact place they want the ball to go. That kind of concentration applied to the tasks you have assigned yourself in your make money from home business will produce targeted results.

It is the same with almost any sport. The tennis player concentrates on the serve no matter what the score, the quarter back concentrates on that play and where he wants to throw the ball. There is no time in those moments to be thinking about the house the player intending to buy or the taxes which need to be paid.

Practice being in the present

Have you ever talked to someone who is sitting across from you at the coffee table, but whose eyes are darting here and there to see who is coming in, or who gets that glazed over look when you are telling your story. That person is obviously not concentrating, or perhaps you are not being interesting. You need to look for those clues. Practice rephrasing what the person has just said and repeating it back to see if you have understood. If you are in a lecture, take notes to keep awake. Check to see how many times your attention wanders. People who concentrate remember so much better, because the words they hear actually go into their brain, not as the expression says, “in one ear and out the other.” It is the same with our work in making money online. When working on a task, give it your full attention. Be in the moment as though nothing else matters.

Giving attention is a gift to yourself and to others

On the way home from somewhere, concentrate on the journey, your driving, the people on the street or the beauty of the trees, not the work you have just done or are going to do. When we learn to give attention to whatever is our present moment, we learn more about concentration. When you are typing, concentrate on what you are doing and then you won’t have to edit so many times. Concentrate on the person you are with and remember everything they said. I know some people who never forget names. It is usually because they concentrate when they are introduced. In your business, remember you are growing not just a business and making money but also growing as an individual.

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer and online researcher.

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