Make Money From Home – Face Your Financial Fears  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

Of all the fears we have, one of the most realistic is the fear of financial loss and inability to pay bills or our mortgage. It is easy to say “don’t worry”, but the fact is that we have to face these fears head on. There are two kinds of fears, fears that are simply imaginary, or fears based on facts. This article deals with both thosefears and suggests an antidote.

1. Fears that are mostly imaginary

We all know that 95% of our worries never come to pass and we also know that worry is unproductive and keeps us from the positive actions we need to take to live happy productive lives. So if you are worrying that somebody is going to steal your money right out of your bank account or that there is some kind of conspiracy against you,then you need to change your thinking. Thoughts tend to become a reality when they become obsessive and stored in your subconscious mind. Chase those thoughts away with positive thoughts to fill your mind with. Quoting Scripture is a good way, or find inspirational quotes from books or the library. Fear is crippling, so don’t let these imaginary possible events shrivel up your mind and soul, but replace them with good affirmations about how your life will be blessed with good things.

2. Fears based on some sort of reality

This might be when you are in imminent danger of losing your job and consequently your income. First of all, it hasn’t happened yet, and might never happen. So how should you react when this is in fact a real possibility because others in your company have lost jobs and the company is downsizing. Don’t be a victim of fear, but look at the enemy (fear) in the face and say “I can tackle this one” and then have an emergency plan in place. You should always have an 8 months emergency fund available to you in case this happens which will keep you going till you find a new job. Trying cutting down on non-essentials. Look for a second job. There are many things you can do. Then try to look on it as an opportunity to new possibilities in your life. Perhaps this was not the job for you, you have other skills, hobbies and interests to follow up. You can also look at further education or retraining.

3. Take some kind of action

Here’s one action you can take. Look at Working From Home as a possibility to either add to your income or eventually become your full time job. More and more life is conducted through the internet, and working on the internet can become your safety net. Many people have started successful businesses on the internet after losing a low-paying job which they were devastated to lose, but in the end it proved to be the best thing that happened to them. You will find lots of these stories if you go online and look up Work At Home or Home Businesses or Making Money From Home.

Don’t let fears, either imaginary or real, cripple you, but affirm to yourself that you are a capable person who will get through whatever comes your way. If you are a person of faith, you will add prayer to the list, and it’s amazing what will come out of it.

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is a freelance write and online researcher

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