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Article by Lillian Cornelius

In today’s networking society forums and social networking communities like Twitter, Face book and others are very popular. and Many of the online marketers promote these systems as a way to get your make money from home business up and running.

To be honest, when I heard of joining forums and the social networking groups I wasn’t very thrilled with the idea because I thought it seemed like a waste of time and wouldn’t really be the most productive way of getting things done. But I’m slowly starting to change my mind, partly through reading ezines like this. We can never have all the kinds of friends in our circle that will meet all our needs, and having a make money from home business is specialized so we need specialized mentors.

Do you like to work independently and figure out everything for yourself?

That’s a good thing, but has its downside. There are some steps and functions you simply need a coach or friend to help you through. I read just a short time ago about a gentleman who loved to problem solve and prided himself on being able to figure things out for himself. This same person went on to say that when he finally asked for help and got his nephew to fix something for him, that solved the immediate problem but the next time he forgot how it was done. So that brings up another idea. He needed to write down the steps.

Building a library of things you have learned

I know these days we don’t want to generate too many files, but one file that might be useful is a file where we keep track of interesting helps we have come across. It could be kept just in a folder on your desk top. I have tried this because printing everything off is too expensive and generates too much paper. It’s also a good idea to note where you found this particular information. This kind of file will definitely pay dividends in the future. As we move around in the internet checking out helps for PPC, lead generation, and other parts of the mosaic of making money from home, we will have a master file to refer to. It’s the next best thing to a personal coach which I definitely recommend if you can manage it.

To sum up, we learn something new every day in our quest to make make money from home. Let’s remember that most of us can’t do this alone, we need some kind of help, and building a library of these helps will be of great benefit down the line. Let’s realize our limitations and research all the help that’s out there.

About the Author

Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer with international experience.

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