Make Money From Home – Desire, Motivation and Action – How They Work Together  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

This article is about desire, motivation and action. Success in any endeavor needs these three qualities to energize an individual to think and plan and see progress towards any goal they have set for themselves. There are three aspects I plan to discuss, which I believe will help you to be motivated to succeed beyond what you could ever have imagined.

Keeping the “why” in mind

Desire for money or other material benefit springs out of a sense of need or want. If you need to pay off your credit cards, it is a strong motivating factor in your life. You have to talk to yourself and tell yourself that you are wasting money in interest and that you desire to live on a cash basis and the sooner the better. This desire will motivate you to find a way to do that. If you are already in a make money from home plan or thinking about it, you are on your way. You must passionately want to do this and see yourself paying large amounts off every month until the day they are all clear. If your desire is weak, then your motivation to work hard decreases. Perhaps you desire to put your son or daughter through medical school and as you see in your mind’s eye this child graduating as a doctor, the vision of that day gives you an important reason or “why” you want to make money from home. You need to keep it alive.

Having a sense of urgency

If you add a sense of urgency to desire and motivation it gives you even more power. If you plan to pay off those credit cards or car loan or even your mortgage within a certain time period then setting a date drives you to even greater effort and determination. A sense of urgency is a powerful emotion which will push you along towards your goal. You want to clear debts so that you can go on to do other more important things you desire in life. This sense of urgency increases your motivation, giving you a reason to work hard every day to accomplish your goal.

Having an action plan

Desire and motivation lead to action in which you make a daily plan to accomplish the goals you have set for your self. This can be done in many ways, writing down the 5 most important things you have to do each day works extremely well. Then you need to have your more intermediate and long term goals written out so that you have a time-table for your progress. Without a plan for your make money from home business that you can see written down you will find that desire and motivation weaken. All of these three work together; desire, motivation and an action plan will speed you to your goal.

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Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer and online researcher.

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