Make Money From Home – Connecting With Your Niche Market  

Article by Brian Lett

A major step in any entrepreneurs activities to make money from home takes place almost immediately. This is the time at which you have to make a decision as to which keywords you would like your website to rank for in the search engines. Often times individuals at this stage of their research will look for keywords which are somewhat related to their website, and have the highest amount of traffic. After all, if you direct a high degree of traffic towards your website, shouldn’t a certain percentage of them convert into buyers? I admit, search volume is important, but it is not most important. The fact is that although a search term might be frequently typed into the search engines, this does not necessarily mean that these individuals are interested in what you have to sell.

When it comes to your website, you need to place your attention on attracting those individuals who not only want your products or services, but are ready to commit. The good news is that you can direct these individuals to your website by ranking for what are called, “long-tailed keywords”. Such keywords are longer and more descriptive. The individual who is using such keywords knows what they are looking for, and just needs to find it. For example, look at the long-tailed keyword, “make money from home”. This is likely going to be searched not only by an individual who wishes to make money, but also wants to do so from their home. Alternatively, take the term “money”. Yes, this term is far more heavily searched. However, it is very broad, and not the least bit descriptive. Is the individual wanting to invest money? Are they looking to find lost money? Are they trying to learn the definition of “money”? There is no way to tell. Certainly we cannot deduce that individuals who search with the term “money” are looking to make money from home.

Essentially, the end goal is to focus on attracting your niche market. Your niche market is comprised of those who will be most interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, while a shorter, more generic keyword will have much more traffic than a long-tailed keyword, those who are searching using this generic keyword are far less likely to be in your niche market. Additionally, it will take your website a long time to rank for such a generic keyword because they tend to have much higher competition.

Thus, in order to market your offers to your niche, you have to identify the long-tail keywords for which they are searching. A long-term keyword essentially describes the problem which you niche market is attempting to solve, or the product or service for which they search. You must keep this in mind in every aspect of your marketing, not just the key phrases that you use on your website. If you market correctly, you will be adding other forms of marketing to your dossier. This may include video marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking, Pay Per Click, directory submissions, etc. Just remember when engaging in these forms of marketing, your focus needs to be on the long-tailed keywords which will attract your niche market. Doing so will result in much higher sales conversions.

In your efforts to make money from home, you can see that keyword research is a major step. You have to learn how to identify those keywords which will be searched by those in your target market. These are the individuals who are most likely to see you offer, and realize that it solves a problem for them. Such individuals will convert from visitor to buyer at a much higher rate than the rest.

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